• July 14, 2024

Ella Robertson: Steering One Young World Towards Tangible Activism

Ella Robertson McKay, the managing director of One Young World, is challenging the modern approach to activism and its growing trend of
slacktivism. Ella Robertson urges for a shift of focus from digital activism to
more tangible actions that can affect real change. 

Ella Robertson’s critique of slacktivism, defined as a superficial show of support for a cause
without any real-world action, is part of her mission with One Young World. She
argues that it creates a false sense of accomplishment and dilutes the potency of
activism. According to her, the amount of time spent on social media, if
directed towards actual groundwork, could lead to substantive changes. 

But Ella Robertson’s perspective doesn’t stop at critiquing current activism. Ella Robertson is a firm believer in the power of unity and
diversity. Her work at One Young World is a testament to this. As part of
tackling the second ‘sin’ of activism, she encourages individuals to engage in
dialogue with people they disagree with. This, according to her, is the
cornerstone of building strong movements and creating lasting change. 

One Young World, under Ella Robertson’s leadership, has taken up the mantle of fostering such
connections. They believe in including voices from every race, gender,
nationality, religion, and disability to build robust movements. This inclusive
approach reflects One Young World’s commitment to creating a diverse and
inclusive platform for change. 

Ella Robertson has also addressed the disruption model of activism. She believes that although
disruption and controversy have a role to play, they often alienate potential
allies and distract from the mission. She advocates for a balance between
attention-grabbing disruptions and quiet, less glamorous work that brings about real change. 

In conclusion, Ella Robertson’s leadership at One Young World is guiding the next generation of
activists. By challenging digital activism and urging for real-world action,
she is setting a new course for meaningful and effective activism. Her approach
to activism, paired with One Young World’s inclusive platform, will undoubtedly
leave a lasting impact. Refer to this page for related information. 


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