Whitney Wolfe Provides A Whole New Direction For Dating Apps

The catalyst for change in the dating app world is clearly Whitney Wolfe. She started with a mission to put a clear-cut gap between her and all of the other dating app entrepreneurs. She managed to do this by creating an app that allowed women to make the first move. The fact that she is currently being sued for infringement of copyright structure by the parent company of Tinder is somewhat irrational to everyone that has seen these two dating app platforms.

With Tinder this is an app that simply leaves matchmaking at an initial first step, Whitney Wolfe is experimenting with different things like Bumble rooms where people that met through her dating app can actually meet in a safe environment and have a conversation in person.

Safety tends to be the overarching theme that Whitney Wolfe has embraced with her dating app. She wanted to cut down the amount of sexual harassment and also make her dating app about more than simply matching with someone.

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For Whitney Wolfe it was clear that the dating app industry was sort of in a rut because people matched with one another all the time and the conversation did not go any farther. She wanted to be someone that could actually fan the flames for two people that matched with someone threw her app. She also wanted to be the person that set a new type of vision for the dating app she created. Wolfe did not want to be just another app developer that was doing what everyone else was doing.

Instead, Whitney Wolfe wanted to be an innovator. She also wanted her dating app to be more than just another dating platform. This is why she has jumped into other areas where she works towards the empowerment of women. Her staff at Bumble is more than 50% women, and she is also a follower and an advocate of the #metoo movement. She has even put forth time prior to Bumble to work on an anti-bullying app. This is something that still may be down the line, but now Whitney Wolfe is focused on helping people develop better business relationships and friendships. This is why she also created Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. All of these things are signs that Whitney Wolfe is an original. A copyright lawsuit against her cannot stand because she tends to paint her her own path.

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