Upwork Makes the To-Do List Easy For Freelancers

Upwork has become a valuable online platform for freelancers and businesses alike. It allows companies to connect with freelancers graphic designers, writers, and web developers. It also allows the freelancers to build up their profiles and portfolios without having to cold pitch clients. Though the pay might be slightly less, freelancers are often willing to work for a bit less to get the experience and build their portfolio. However, that can often lead the freelancer to creating overwhelming to-do lists that never seems to get any shorter. This led Upwork to publish the blog “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through your To-Do List”.

The blog details ten key concepts for making the to-do list simpler and easier to accomplish. The first tips include capturing everything and keeping it all in one place. Writing all the tasks that need to be accomplished frees the mind from the Zeigernik Effect, which keeps the unfinished tasks constantly running through the mind. By writing everything down, a freelancer can free up his or her mind. Keeping all these tasks in one place is important too, however. If the freelancer is constantly searching for all the different notes and tasks, they will waste precious time.

Upwork also suggests that the freelancer create the to-do list with priorities in mind and writing it the night before. Creating priorities will allow the freelancer to focus on the most important and urgent tasks. By writing them the night before, the freelancer will be able to start on the most important tasks as soon as they are ready to begin working.

Upwork also indicates that designating time assignments and energy assignments to each task can be important in helping the freelancer organize their to-do lists. By creating time assignments, the to-do list will show how much time each task will require and when the freelancer needs to start it. This ensures that the freelancer contemplates how the task will be accomplished instead of simply thinking about doing it. Energy assignments will also demonstrate which tasks need the most energy. This will enable the freelancer to plan out the day according to their energy levels.


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