Unfranchise: Why Start a Part-time Business?

There are many reasons to consider owning your own business, including additional income, debt reduction, time freedom, and early retirement. The Unfranchise Business through Shop.com offers the stability of twenty years of steady financial growth, an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau and a solid business system with training and support worldwide. Market America is a global product brokerage and Internet Marketing company, centered on one-to-one marketing. Owning an Unfranchise business through Shop.com allows you to start your own online shopping centered business with your own shopping annuity.

The Network of entrepreneurs are economically connected and earn cash back on goods and services affiliated with the network, which has presence in over 190 countries worldwide. All products and services are tested and backed by peer research. Some markets include Health management, Weight management, Age management, Financial Services and Internet Services. This diversity allows for short term and long term profitability.

When you establish an UnFranchise business, you receive a Shop.com site. The one stop shop site offers unlimited shopping ability. The company pays you and your customers cash back on anything you purchase on the site. You will earn an additional .5% on purchases made by your referrals.

In a traditional 45 year working life, 95% of people spend their lives making money for the top 5% of people. Of this five percent,three out of four own their own business. The UnFranchise business will help you reach your goals with just 8 to 10 hours a week. Like a franchise, Market America provides the branding but without the franchise fees. You earn cash back from yours and your referral purchases. You earn 30-50% gross profits from your base of preferred customers and you earn from developing two teams of owners like yourself.


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