Understanding Life and Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir pursued his undergraduate degree, masters and Ph.D. in electrical engineering specializing in control systems from the University of Cornell. Throughout his career, which spans for over 30yeras, Mr. Shaygan has created a vision-driven team of professionals and fostered changes that matters to the investors, the community, the employees, and customers. He has connected, developed, and pioneered the boundaries of ancient disciplines across numerous industry segments worldwide.

Recent Appointments and Performances

Recently, Shaygan was promoted to the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Network Company. Jupiter Network Company is a pioneering firm in Silicon Valley that deals with networking sector. At the Barclays group, Shaygan has facilitated cultural change, which is essential in the transformation of the bank in the lines of the 21st century’s standards of innovation of products that improve well being of people.

Start of Shaygan’s Career

Eventually, Shaygan was promoted to the rank of software system officer of the GTE labs. As the head software systems, Shaygan recruited and created an excellent institution that facilitated the development of Boston’s first national network organization that integrate switching, transmission, and infrastructure popularly known as the TONICS. These innovations enabled GTE to consolidate their business network into highly consolidated and efficient network operations for the firm. He was later transferred to the headquarters of GTE in London, where he headed all system development departments of information, internet working, wireless, and wireline. During those developments, Shaygan rebuilt and nationalized the core systems of the firm along the lines of modern operational excellence, and computer science that improve the operations and the costs structure of the firm.

The Consolidation of Bell Atlantic and GTE Company

In 2000, Bell Atlantic and GTE Company merged to form Verizon. As a result, Shaygan was transferred to the New York City; and was appointed the head of the e-commerce department, and subsequently became the chief officer of information management. At Verizon, he deployed similar techniques to achieve breakthrough results for the firm by assembling excellent talents who are knowledgeable about the potential of collaboration and acceleration of producing leading market products and services. Besides, he pioneered the transformation of the revenue delineation of the firm with innovative multi-media products and IP for the markets, and consequently, marrying the traditional networking models with advanced web-based software.


The consolidation of the two executive product development firms created scale-to-mass market, which resulted in initiatives such as the FIOS, which is arguably the largest infrastructural institution in the history of the United States.

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