Tony Petrello philanthropic initiatives in Texas

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, one of the businesses that came out in a big way to help the community was Nabors Industries. A company headed by Anthony Petrello. He is the CEO and the president. Nabors participated by allowing its employees to participate in the rescue mission in the way they could help. The company also contributed money to help. They started the Nabors Industries Relief Fund. They fundraised over $300,000 for humanitarian support. This gesture by Nabors is one that should be emulated by many firms in the world. A firm that cares for the welfare of the community living in the neighborhood.The initiatives by Nabors has a basis in the CEO of the company. He believes in giving. He has helped the company generate billions in profits, and as part of appreciation by the management, he has been made one of the top-paid CEO in the country.

With the wealth that he has accumulated, Anthony Petrello has been taking part in philanthropic activities, especially in his state.Together with his wife Cynthia, who he met while he was in the university, they have been giving support to a medical facility in Texas. They hope to make it one of its kind in the world. At the Texas Children Hospital, they are supporting the construction of a research center for children suffering from neurological disorders. This is one of the achievements that he is proud to have made. He has contributed over $5 million towards the construction of this facility and hoped to add more as time goes by.

Anthony Petrello and Cynthia have a daughter named Carena. Carena is a victim of neurological disorders. There are disorders which have affected his physical and mental abilities. For instance, she is not able to walk or talk. This has challenged her parent to look for mediation in hospitals all over the world, but none has managed to have the right treatment for such a condition.Anthony vowed to support a research center that would come up with the treatment of such conditions so that he can save his daughter and thousands of other children from all over the country who suffer from similar conditions.Anthony Petrello has also been supporting another initiative at the Yale University. Here, he has set up a foundation in remembrance of his friend professor Serge Lange who was his mentor while he was in the institution. The foundation will reward those who excel in mathematics. Anthony holds a Masters in Mathematics.

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