Todd Lubar’s Relevance in the Contemporary Mortgage Banking Sector

Todd Lubar started his professional real estate career in 1995. Before starting out, he was passionate about finance and real estate matters. He also desired to help people acquire their dream homes irrespective of their financial statuses. Immediately after Lubar completed his higher education, Crestar Mortgage Corporation employed him as the loan officer. He worked with different mortgage clients and amassed knowledge on mortgage banking. Throughout his career, he has interacted with experts in the real estate sector. Lubar has also offered insights on mortgage banking to CPA’s, insurance agents as well as financial planners. He joined the Legacy Financial Group in 1999. This job position enabled him to learn more about both lending and broking loans.

Legendary Properties, LLC

Lubar worked with outside investors at Legal Financial Group for three years. He then decided to use the expertise he had acquired to start a residential development company known as Legendary Properties, LLC. According to his Linked In page, as the company’s CEO, he established good relationships with banks and managed to amass over $20 million in funding. His company focused on buying, renovating, and selling residential units. The company uses funding from different banks to focus not only on single-family homes but also on also multi-family units.

Based on his observation on underserved clients in the mortgage-banking sector, Lubar founded Legendary Properties LLC. Besides being affiliated with Legendary Properties, LLC, the company offers commercial loans to individual customers and companies. Lubar combined his money with the liquidity of the affiliate company to lend borrowers. However, he disbursed funds based on the contemporary market conditions. Check out his website,

Charter Funding

Using his expertise in mortgage banking, Lubar founded Charter Funding as a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation (FMFC) back in 2003. The subsidiary benefited from FMFC, which is among the biggest private mortgage firms in the United States. Lubar used Charter Funding as a link to access diverse residential resources.

Other Ventures

The mortgage sector experienced tremendous changes in 2007 and 2008. As a smart businessperson, Lubar decided to shift to other businesses. He ventured in commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling. Besides work, Lubar loves spending time with his two children and lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

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