Thor Halvorssen on Fox News Explaining Socialism

Fox News had the founder of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen on for an interview. Before introducing Halvorssen himself, the segment started with a clip of Bernie Sanders with a statement from the Fox News interviewer about how Sanders wants to make the United States a socialist country. When Halvorssen was introduced, he was asked how socialism violates human rights. Thor Halvorssen responded by immediately qualifying the statement in order to be more accurate and clear in his response. He essentially said that socialism done correctly with a separation of power, constitutional rights and branches of government can be just and good. Halvorssen used Denmark, Norway and Sweden as examples of how socialism is carried out effectively and justly. Interestingly enough, these are the countries that Democratic Presidential Nominee Bernie Sanders always references when discussing socialistic ideals. Halvorssen continued on to say that when socialism is put into the wrong hands of perhaps an authoritarian government that it can potentially violate human rights.

After being asked to define socialism, Thor Halvorssen, a well-known film producer, explained that there are multiple definitions of socialism such as an academic versus historical. He continued to explain that even many democratic governments have socialistic policies which is surely different than socialism or being a socialist. The Fox News interviewer then asked what issues Halvorssen had against the way socialism is used in some countries. He responded by using Venezuela as an example stating that the governments fixed prices on goods has created a humanitarian crisis. Later in the interview, it was revealed that Thor Halvorssen had personal ties to Venezuela as his father was a political prisoner and his first cousin is currently in prison at the time of the interview.

To address the few references made by the Fox News Interviewer about Bernie Sanders, Thor Halvorssen admitted that he donated the largest amount possible to Sanders’ campaign. When asked why he did this, he explained that the current democratic front runner has taken millions of dollars from dictatorships including Oman and Saudi Arabia. He explained that he would rather have Sanders be the democratic nominee, not someone who takes money from dictatorships.