The Work of Ara Chackerian

An entrepreneur and businessman, Ara Chackerian has built a successful career as a businessman. Currently he is the executive Vice President of Research and Development of Health Diagnostics. He has a resume that includes multiple leadership positions for health service companies. His career spans several decades with most of it taking place in the health care industry. His work is admired by many and has made an impact on many people.

Ara Chackerian is the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, a treatment provider of various therapies that help with mental health issues. Prior to his work with TMS, Chackerian has worked with a number of successful health companies which include PipelineRx, BMC Diagnoistics, and Provider Links. His resume includes senior leadership positions that where he had major responsibilities which include managing more than four hundred employees and nearly $200 million dollars in revenue.

Ara Chackerian is most known for his work with TMS Solutions. TMS was the result of some of unique circumstances. Working with his long time business partner, Chackerian wanted to extend his experience of building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in the Northern California area. This incredible duo spent years together doing research and building their company. Through years of research the team came to the conclusion that TMS had the potential to become the third major pillar of psychiatric care. It would join medication and talk therapy as another way that psychiatrist would work to meet the needs of their patients. TMS has been very successful and has allowed Ara Chackerian to continue to thrive in the business world.

Ara Chackerian is a man with a unique passion. He is an avid philanthropist and enjoys giving back to the community. He values his time with his family and works to find balance between his entrepreneurial work and his philanthropic work. He is focused on making the world around him a better place.

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