The Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos

The Angolan telecommunications company, Unitel, earlier this year partnered with the internationally respected organization World Economic Forum. WEF has over the years accumulated a huge list of worldwide partners, but this is the first time it has partnered with an Angolan company. Unitel is lead by its chairperson, Isabel dos Santos. The companies shareholders also held a recent meeting that in the end determined to keep dos Santos as chairperson. Isabel dos Santos has guided the company for many years and because of this recent vote will continue to do so. 

While is her primary focus, it is not her only focus. Since the 1990s dos Santos has been highly involved in a large number of business projects all over the world. Most of her involvements have been in the finance, construction, and education industries. She has been so successful a businesswoman that just a few years ago she became Africa’s first female billionaire (Everipedia). 

Dos Santos was born in Angola and obtained her primary and secondary education at a boarding school in Kent, England. She then studied electrical engineering at London’s King’s College. Dos Santos is a highly respected business leader because she does more than just concentrate on the success of her own business endeavors. Also, Isabel is an activist for improving Africa through the acceptance and development of technology, and also for improving the status of women in Africa’s business world. 

For her part, she is ecstatic about the recent partnership with WEF and how that will definitely boost her agendas. This is in part because the partnership will mean the company will have available more international platforms in which to participate.

Even now the company is poised to engage in these anticipated new roles. Isabel dos Santos is likewise poised to continue to lead it wherever it goes.

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