Susan McGalla a set pacer in women leadership.

Susan McGalla, born in 1964, is now one of the most influential women leaders. She has managed to make a name for herself over the years. Susan has worked in several organisations as the president as well as a financial advisor. Working in the different organisations have allowed her to sharpen her skills in business.

Despite the success, she experiences, her journey has not been all roses, at some point during her pregnancy Susan was relieved of her duties due to a decrease in the returns. This is a common challenge facing women. The balance between family and work can sometimes pose a problem, but Susan has managed to overcome this challenges.

Some of the lessons we learn from Susan include;

 Do not be afraid to take up hard tasks, when growing up Susan was taught to take up challenges and give her best. This has helped her take up roles that are male-dominated and has still emerged at the top. It is also essential to believe in yourself, confidence plays a crucial part in the kind of results one should expect, and Susan has displayed confidence in her work throughout her career.

 Another lesson learnt from Susan, after experiencing setbacks. Pick up, failures should not define who you are, Susan’s journey has not been without setbacks, but she has learnt how to cope with the failures and learn a lesson that will help avoid a similar mistake in the future.

 Another critical factor in succeeding in leadership as a woman is by networking, the opportunities for women to exercise their skills are limited. However for one to make it you need to interact with people who share in your dream. Networking is vital in providing women with the opportunities required to enter into leadership.

 Susan McGalla’s journey is an inspiration to many women, the final thing that we learn from Susan McGalla is to push, in her work she did not always receive a positive response but she learnt to push to get to her destiny, it is therefore essential to push until you achieve your dream despite the obstacles.

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