Success Story Building Upon Success with Luke Lazarus

Gaining the Attention of Investors

Getting an investment from a venture capitalist gets the attention of any startup. What is the secret of being able to claim a venture capitalist investment? Finding an investment from an investor are topics Luke Lazarus discusses at some length with startup companies.

Luke Lazarus uses his 20 years of experience as a business planner and negotiator to introduce the question of working with a venture capitalist. Working to get an investment from an investor takes some serious preparation on the side of the startups. Luke Lazarus knows the path the startups must take to arrive safely on the front door of a story pitch to a venture capitalist.

Business Plan Analysis

Luke Lazarus works his methods to prepare a startup for a shot at pitching their business to an investor. Each startup has a different story to tell. The heart of the pitch is the quality of the emotional connection the story relates. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

The elements of the story need to connect to the venture capitalist. A venture capitalist has a fixed set of values they look for in a story pitch. From years of experience analyzing startup story ideas, a venture capitalist has a second-sense of what works. For a company to be successful, they need to gain access to outside capital. Without external funding for their business project startups often cannot find their project alone.

Working Toward the Story Pitch

Obtaining financing is a critical step toward achieving a sure footing in the business world, but it means negotiating with investors. Investors want a part of the startup, but only if it shows sure signs of value to consumers. Every story value placed in the story weaves into a business plan the right combination that will open the financial pockets of a venture capitalist.

Luke Lazarus uses his 20 years of negotiating and launching businesses to carefully show startups what is at stake and what are the critical elements of a successful story.

Those who have worked with Luke Lazarus are frank to say he has a keen sense of understanding the lay of the land in a business plan. Luke Lazarus can spot the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan with ease.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy

Luke Lazarus Consultancy launched in 2013 and has been the consultant to hundreds of startup teams. The success of many of his startup teams have produced successful launches, received investor funding, and completed the process of an IPO to sell its shares to the public.

Luke Lazarus enjoys working with startup businesses. Lazarus knows he is giving back to Australia what he has received after many years of producing successful transactions for his homeland. Lazarus believes that success builds upon success.

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