Smart Homes According to Todd Lubar

The effect that smart technology has had on the world in recent years is phenomenal, and while this new tech has allowed us to achieve things previously only seen in science fiction books and films, smart technology continues to grow at an exponential rate. Recently, we have seen smart technology implemented in nearly every aspect of our social lives and as of late, this technology has made its way into the home. The majority of the people in the United States use smart technology in some capacity. Smart homes are a relatively new industry making waves on the market and it seems that many entrepreneurs are beginning to take notice.

They can range drastically in the way that they function, as some smart homes only implement a few minor changes that can make certain aspects of daily life, such as the ability to control your home’s lighting remotely, to homes that function almost exclusively through the use of smart technology.

According to Patch, the ability to make life as easy as possible is the driving force behind smart technology. Imagine if you are stuck in traffic, but need to make some adjustments at home immediately. Having smart technology in the home makes this a possibility. Entrepreneurs are taking serious notice of this growing trend and new industries are being created. Some companies are creating package options that allow you to upgrade your home with features such as nest thermostats, motion-detecting doorbells, and wireless smart lighting. While these extras are seen as mere luxuries by many, safety seems to be the area in which many entrepreneurs, such as Todd Lubar are seeing major opportunities. In cities, such as Miami and Seattle, where smart homes are popping up at a significant rate, the issue with higher crime rates in these large cities has to be addressed. Many entrepreneurs, such as Todd Lubar, are championing smart home additions such as fingerprint locks and motion detection, which can deter robbers and significantly decrease chances of having your home burglarized.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and has been working in mortgage banking since graduating from Syracuse University in 1995. Todd became the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding in 2005. Today he continues his career as a mortgage originator. Visit

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