Safe and Secure Fund Transfers with Allied Wallet

Allied wallet is one of the easiest ways to give and receive money from all over the world. They are slowly entering many countries to help with their commerce. How you are able to send and receive payments is via electronically. This company started in 2002 (Yahoo).

Allied wallet makes sure to go the extra mile with a state of the art encryption process, making sure that you transfer is done safely. They take your funds and your business very seriously. They have 24 hour customer service available for any questions, concerns or complaints that you might have. When you transfer funds to someone there is a small fee. An international transaction is 1.95% of the total cost you are transferring, plus 10 cents. If you are just transferring within the United Kingdom or European country it is 1% of the total cost that you are transferring, plus 10 cents. If you transfer funds with Allied serves within 196 countries and they are adding to that list often. The most recent country that they have started to offer services in is South Korea. They realize that technology is expanding and the need is there to safely be able to send funds all over the world. For this reason they are looking for more countries to offer their service with.

It makes sense to transfer electronically due to many countries have fast internet speeds, allowing for quicker and more secure transactions. Allied Wallet makes sure to keep your information, as well as who you are sending it to safe and secure. There are also no hidden fees with this company, so right up front you know exactly how much you are paying. Allied wallet also is the first to win the international rights to transact renminbi online, which has helped them get a good amount of the Asian population on with them.

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