Rona Borre Has Created a Business Bulldozer

In 2001, Rona Borre became the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing company that she started in the spare bedroom of her Chicagoland condo. She had just quit her high-paying job with another large staffing company and was determined to launch out on her own.

And launch out she did because today Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the land, with millions that are billed to clients annually. Borre knows what employers want, and that is the ability to hire the best employees in the most efficient way.  To know more about Borre and Instant Alliance, click on

And that is exactly what Borre offers, as she will spend as much time as is needed to interview top hiring executives to learn exactly what they are looking for, and then she will move mountains to find that particular candidate. Understanding the corporate culture is vital because a candidate must survive it to succeed.  To read related articles, hop over to

Borre has a cadre of highly motivated and expertly trained account executives who have this procedure perfected, and they are very good at it. Companies love it too because most of the interviewing and detective work is handled by Borre and her people. The Instant Alliance model works well for them because they are not bogged down so much in the interviewing process.

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Borre spends a good deal of her time in the Chicago community as a guest speaker at civic club meetings and general business meetings, which certainly doesn’t hurt Instant Alliance.

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