Richard Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of, a very prosperous eCommerce company that was founded in China and headquartered in Beijing. Richard Liu Qiangdong became the CEO of the company in 2004. Indeed, Richard Liu Qiangdong, who was noted by to be worth 11 billion dollars, runs a company with 2018 revenues of 67 billion USD. Indeed, Richard Liu Qiangdong created, but it came with some trial-and-error type circumstances, first. Richard Liu Qiangdong had started in the entrepreneurial world as a restauranteur but ended up running into difficulties, so he changed business sectors and chose retail instead.

Indeed, after the restaurant ventures did not work out, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to get into the brick-and-mortar retail business with other business partners in 2002. But, an unfortunate event like the SARS virus broke out in 2003, which put a strain on his 12 stores. He and the other business partners agreed to shutter them all a year after SARS hit. As for his educational resume, Richard Liu Qiangdong got a sociology degree in 1996 while studying at Renmin University of China. And after completing his courses at Renmin University, Richard Liu Qiangdong went to China Europe International Business School, where he received his EMBA. Regard his knack for programming websites, Richard Liu Qiangdong was also able to spend time using his computer programming skills as a college student, doing freelance programming work.

These skills were crucial to learning the skills needed to build websites successfully. Indeed, his ability to program and build a fully online eCommerce site like has helped paid off for Richard Liu Qiangdong. Moreover, Richard Liu Qiangdong, after graduating with an EMBA, initially worked for Japan Life before changing to the entrepreneurial path. Japan Life is a company that sold specific health products. While at the company for two years, starting in 1998, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked not only as a director but in many other roles there. Flash forward to today, and Richard Liu Qiangdong is a very admired Chief Executive Officer who is considered to compete directly with like’s CEO, Jack Ma. is only third in online sales to and Google.

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