Richard Dwayne Blair Provides Financial Planning Expertise

Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions has been helping his clients develop long-term financial plans that cover all of life’s contingencies. He specializes in retirement planning and wealth management in the greater Austin, Tx. area where he’s been located since 1994. He has developed a great deal of expertise over the years and his credentials are impeccable. His experience and outstanding service highly recommend him to new clients.

At Wealth Solutions Blair has developed an incisive method that puts a strong foundation in place for his clients. He develops comprehensive financial plans as he works closely with the client and their particular situation. His approach is called the Three Pillars and it covers key concepts for investing and preparing for retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair has become adept at helping his clients determine their financial roadmap. This important First Pillar entails ascertaining a client’s risk tolerance and their primary goals. He also takes into consideration their strengths and identifies opportunities for growth. Furthermore, a lasting relationship is built during this phase.

Long-term investing is an important piece of the puzzle and this makes up the Second Pillar. This customized plan is married with the customer’s personal goals and liquidity needs. Blair has seen many market cycles and knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em so to speak. He is able to help the client maximize their market gains when conditions are good. He is also able to quickly adjust their portfolio when the market trends are negative. His active management can help clients fulfill their goals more quickly.

Careful monitoring of his client’s financial plans comprises the Third Pillar. Performance is routinely tracked after the plans are put in place and logical comparisons are made. This may include client expectations, investment models, and historical data as well.

Richard Dwayne Blair has found inspiration in serving individuals, small business owners, and families. He founded Wealth Solutions with this in mind and seeks to make a positive impact in their lives.

Another strong influence on Blair has been the teachers in his family. Following in their footsteps, his desire to teach happens in the financial world.


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