Redefining The Industry: Desiree Perez

The role of women in the music industry is constantly evolving. One of the women that are making a positive difference in the music world is Desiree Perez. She is a woman who will not back down when it comes to getting her clients the best deal possible. She is one of the founders of the company ROC Nation and continues to strive in order to make sure that women are a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Now her hard work with ROC Nation and her friends Sean “Jay-Z” Carter and his wife Beyonce Knowles has begun to pay dividends. In 2019, Desiree Perez along with Jay-Z placed forty-first on the list of the one hundred most powerful people in the music industry today. She is working with other new and up and coming artists to get the most exposure for their tours as possible. She also makes sure that deals are fair and lucrative for everyone involved.

She learned how to take control of things herself when she founded ROC Nation in 2009. She may be a tough negotiator at times but Desiree always looks out for her clients best interest. One of the prime examples of this was the four-forty-four tour for Jay-Z. When Samsung came on board to co-sponsor the tour Desiree made sure the deal was proper for everyone. When it comes to negotiating a fair deal no one is better at it than Desiree Perez.

She says that she likes being in the background when it comes to things like this. She says that she enjoys her job and wouldn’t have it any other way. She has worked hard over the years to get to the top of the music industry heap. With integrity and determination, she has finally come into her own.

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