Premier Gazette Reviews EOS Lip Balms

An article in the Premier Gazette highlighted the brand EOS and how they were able to grow in the lip balm space quickly. 

When EOS was first launched, their cofounders identified an opportunity in the lip balm space given that the brands that existed in the space were not catering to their biggest market segment; women.

Women made up the largest segment of the market and their desire for healthy products that were designed with healthy ingredients and all natural ingredients that don’t have artificial ingredients and are perceived to be better for you. This has given EOS an advantage in the marketplace and allowed their brand to prosper with positive lip balm reviews from customers.

One aspect of the business that was not overlooked was the marketing. Lip balm generally comes in tubes that are ambiguous and bland or in jars that you place an unclean finger in to apply but provides a better application.

EOS combined the benefits of each type of these lip balms and eliminated the problems with them and built off their benefits. EOS created an orb shaped lip balm applicator that was easily found in women’s handbags (one of their biggest complaints) and provided for an thick application with this shaped orb without resorting to unsanitary applications.

EOS also improved on the components of their lip balm by using all natural emollients like she’s butter and coconut oil which added to the quality of the lip balm and provided better protection for lips than the typical lip balm that was petroleum jelly based. EOS cut out the unnatural flavors and ingredients and built unique flavors like sweet mint and summer fruit which resonated with customers.

EOS grew as a brand and developed a lasting product that was able to capture market share and grow in the industry. Their success was in creating a lip balm that their customers enjoy and the EOS lip balm reviews have been positive as a result.

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