Larkin and Lacey Defeat Joe Arpaio

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are journalists and co-owners of the Village Voice. The two lived in Arizona and saw what Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his racist, anti-Latino and anti-immigrant policies were costing the county and the state in terms of social damage and lost or disrupted lives.

Arpaio and his department were imprisoning U.S. citizens without a trial, illegally detaining migrants, engaging in racial profiling and many other infractions. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Larkin and Lacey used their position as journalists to try and expose Arpaio to the country. Initially they had limited success until Arpaio stepped in and tried to silence them by imprisoning them.

One of the many stories published by Larkin and Lacey was about a secret Grand Jury that Arpaio had convened for an unknown purpose. After they ran a story about it in the newspaper the Phoenix New Times Arpaio saw a chance to get rid of the two.

He sent his deputies to arrest them for interfering with a Grand Jury investigation on October 18th 2007. The men were arrested in the evening at their homes and placed in different detention facilities.

The arrest was approved by the same Grand Jury they had reported on. Unknown to Larkin and Lacey, the point of said Grand Jury was to investigate them on Arpaio’s orders. When the case went before a judge it was thrown out, the Grand Jury disbanded and Larkin and Lacey were set free after 24 days in prison. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Wikipedia

Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County for wrongful imprisonment and were awarded $3.7 mullion. The two had no intention of keeping the money and used it to start Frontera Fund, a civil rights group dedicated to defending the first amendment. In an effort to try and undo some of the damage cause by Arpaio and his department Frontera focuses mainly of the Latino community with its efforts.

Arpaio eventually lost his position as sheriff, losing the 2016 election for the position he held since 1992. Arpaio was pardoned for his crimes after his conviction by President Trump. He has since entered the race for one of Arizona’s Senate seats in Washington, D.C.

Larkin and Lacey continue to report on Arpaio and make sure the country doesn’t forget his record and what he stands for. They speak out against him at any opportunity, reminding people of how he tried to silence their civil rights.

Sujit Choudhry finally speaks out by using a letter about the dispute between Spain and Catalonia

Sujit Choudhry together with the help of different constitutional law scholars they wrote a letter to Catalan and Spanish government that talked about what was happening currently at Catalonia the letter requested that both sides agree to dialogue, refer to ( The hope that the two have is that the two governments will agree to sit down and discuss with an open mind on the issues that were affecting the constitution. In the letter, the Catalonian president is asked by the scholars that if he would show that he was committed to what he had said and that is seceding from Spain. The scholars know that the only way that the president will be able to show his commitment is if he will agree to make arrangements that will benefit the people of Catalan, reference (

The Prime Minister of Spain Rajoy was not left behind in the letter because he was asked to accept the fact that the people of Catalans need the secession and not to go against that so that their desire can be fulfilled, have a peek on There is need of the referendum according to scholars so that people will understand that the only thing the Catalan people are in the quest for is the independence to the Spanish constitutional order. At the end of the letter, the scholars asked that both sides come to an agreement that will recognize the rights of the two and accept the ambition of the people of Catalan, check

Sujit Choudhry is the one that co-authored the letter, and he stated in the letter that all that was expected by the two was for the interest of the people in Spain and Catalonia. That the two governments should decide to talk so that the dispute will be ended in a peaceful, agreeable, and orderly manner. If that did not happen then in the European Union, the foundational ideas would be undermined. Sujit Choudhry is well known because he has the needed knowledge when it comes to politics and constitutional law. He has participated in offering advice to foreign dignitaries that needed help with the building of constitutions. Also, Sujit Choudhry has received an invitation from the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program be a consultant during the World Bank Institute.

Jim Toner’s Personal Secrets To Generate Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy, but everyone doesn’t have the right state of mind to actually become wealthy. For most people in society, these individuals are just going through the motions of everyday life. These people are oblivious to what’s going on in their surroundings. This is definitely a great way to never generate large sums of capital. Jim Toner, a successful real estate investor, has his very own principles for generating wealth. This extraordinary man is living the American dream, and he doesn’t mind helping others in the process.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “They Live,” then this film perfectly personifies the lives of most people today. There are agendas that have been put into place without us ever even knowing it. In the movie, the main character finds a pair of sunglasses and puts them on. At this point in time, the sunglasses have revealed a whole new world of negative demons who are walking around the streets of Ametica. Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) doesn’t follow the mold of the average person in society today. He barely graduated from high school, and he was never thought of a the brightest fish in the sea. Toner has defied all odds by making his own way. Accurate thinking is how this man has become so successful. As of today, his net worth is certainly in the millions bracket. You have to find something that you’re actually good at and then exploit the subject to the fullest. This notion definitely rings true on so many levels. Toner also gives advises about financial independence.

Jim Toner doesn’t need sunglasses to experience a revelation. He has studied and researched real estate to a profound level. “There has nothing that can stop me from making huge amounts of money,” said Toner. His rules to success includes:

  • Finding where you are in life.
  • Ask yourself of what you actually want out of life
  • Only worry about your life and no one else’s life

Once you put yourself first, you’ll begin to make dramatic changes that can positively affect your life. If you wipe-out in the process, then just start over and get back in the game.

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OSI Industries Continues To Show Why It Is Such A Global Force In The Food Industry:

World-leading food distribution giant OSI Industries has followed a solid business plan of strategic expansion through upgrades, acquisitions and partnerships in order to gain its current standing in the world of food wholesale. The Aurora, Illinois based operation has expanded massively since the 1970s under the leadership of long-time CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin. Going from a regional food distribution firm to a global one located in seventeen different countries has been accomplished under his watchful eye. Recent expansions for OSI has ramped up over the past five years and has included massive moves in the company’s domestic operations as well as its international operations. Europe has been of particular focus for OSI during this time period.

In 2016, OSI made a massive move in its domestic market. This move was in the company’s own backyard of Chicago, Illinois. The company added the former Tyson plant to its list of processing facilities in order to dramatically increase its ability to service its customers. Customer service has been the number one factor that OSI has focussed on over its long history in order to gain success.

OSI Industries has also sought to dramatically upgrade its footprint in Europe over the past five years. 2016 was a big year for the company as it acquired two of the top food distribution firms in Europe – Flagship Europe and Baho Food. The value that these firms have added to OSI Industries is paying some huge dividends. That same year the company’s operations in Toledo, Spain were greatly upgraded in order to increase production. this was done in response to the huge increase in demand for chicken that the company experienced in Portugal and Spain.

All of these recent acquisitions and improvements have been very pleasing to the OSI Industries leaders Sheldon Lavin and company President David McDonald. The leadership at OSI Industries is also dedicated to charitable activity. The company is a fervent supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Sheldon Lavin also was the recipient of the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award back in 2016.

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From a Simple Start to Changing The World, Hussain Sajwani is a Powerful Man with A Humble Heart

As a young boy, Hussain Sajwani sat in his father’s shop every day after school and listened to lessons on doing good business, being a success, and aspiring to reach your full potential. They were lessons that most parents give to their children, but Hussain had a special situation as he was not only able to hear his father’s lessons but see for himself the effects of following those teaching in the form of the successful businessmen who came into the shop to buy expensive pens, watches, and accessories. It was the early days of the economic boom of the middle east and affluence was starting to become commonplace. Hussain family was even benefiting from the economic development and emerging real estate market. His father, in addition to running a successful shop, dabbled in real estate deals from time to time, and was more than happy to involve his young son in them. Little did the older Sajwani know that he was setting young Hussain onto a path that would not only change his life but in many ways change the world.

It was while attending a medical university on a full scholarship that the future DAMAC owner would decide that his heart wasn’t in the practice of medical science, but rather was filled with the thoughts of those powerful men who had come to his father’s shop so many times, and of the thrill that his father had felt in the undertaking of a real estate venture. He knew that his true calling was in that world and he quickly returned home to start his own company, what would be the first incarnation of the future DAMAC Group. It was a challenge at first, but he listened to those lessons of his father from so many years earlier, and he persevered. He aspired to do greater things than what the world expected of him, and he soon found himself building one success upon another.

Within a few short years, according to, his company had millions of square feet of high-end luxury real estate under its development. Commercial, retail, and residential projects were on the board, and the DAMAC Group was recognized as one of the most stable and profitable real estate development firms in the middle east. This was not enough for Hussain Sajwani though. He was still aspiring to be better than his current self, and rather than basking in his success, he built upon it. Soon he found himself in development deals with some of the world’s foremost developers, including then-future president of the united states Donald J. Trump. Together the men would design and develop the largest and most lavish golf course and country club the middle east had ever seen. He would go on to work with Trump a second time to build another facility smaller in scale, but no less luxurious, in another community.

The man he had become was one that was fueled by the thrill of a challenge, and the excitement of a success. He was also a man who was bound by another lesson his father had taught him during those early years, give back for the successes and blessings that you receive and enjoy. He has given millions of dollars to charitable organization all over the world and is today known as much for his philanthropy as he is for his sometimes over the top antics used to promote his development projects. Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial), DAMAC owner, is a man who came from a humble start and has changed the world, and yet is still as simple of a man as his father was, and perhaps that is the best lesson any of us can learn.

Visit Hussain’s website:

Lori Senecal Reveals Essential Advertising Tips That the Big Dogs Use (It’s Not What You Think!)

With things pertaining to the business climate, a firm’s marketing campaign has to attain three primary outcomes. The first, according to Lori Senecal, is that an operation has to feature a story which is well-placed, one that arrives at its targeted audience. The latter outcome is that a campaign has to have a message which the customers understand and the last result is that it has to drive the audience to make a change. Advertising in the modern age can achieve this with the right mix of social media marketing and visual images. You can visit for more.



Popular Visuals which Produce Attention-Grabbing Campaigns


With something like the internet now at everyone’s fingertips, pictures are as trendy as ever. Businesses can utilize them to break through geographical and cultural blocks. Visuals can even go past space and time. Locating and choosing the best image to seize people’s attention while displaying the basis for an advertisement is the reason marketing agencies endure.


This current year’s best visual trends are things such as embracing virtuality. Businesses which use these trends inspire people to take action instead of staying on the sidelines. To achieve this, marketers need to begin with a moving theme which taps into the reader’s sentiments, urging them to share and think.


Color is another popular course for business to think about using. With this kind of advertising technique, marketing companies grab the audience’s eye with novel color combinations and saturated tones. By applying color strategically, an ad can incite specific responses.


According to Lori Senecal, marketing companies are additionally beginning to move towards proffering unfiltered campaigns. Striking and documentary-style images are utilized with this trend. In some instances, this type of campaign can feature actual people or subjects with authentic feelings which media outlets barely explore. Advertising professionals can utilize this type of strategy to generate a positive brand outlook by encouraging people to think on their own experiences.


Combining potent imagery with brand principles are starting to become a favorite advertising trend. Images which belong into this class grow the bong among the audience and the company, possibly causing a brand inclination.



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The Big Pay Off From Freedom Checks

They’re called freedom checks and if you invested prior to July 1st you might be expecting a huge payoff. For those businesses that operate in the transportation and natural resource processing of oil and gas, they can expect a large amount of checks once distributed in the next month. Matt Badiali shared a video that freedom checks has no age limitation and can be received whether you make a lot of money or you don’t. The new tax plan is giving benefits to businesses who can enjoy these tax breaks. The distribution amount hits upwards of 34.6 billion to be paid out. In Tulsa Oklahoma a 50 year old woman will be getting $66,570. Up in Golden, Colorado, Mike Reed is expected to reap in a large amount of $160,923. While living in Joplin, Missouri, 46 year-old Doug Smith will receive a check in the amount of $24,075.

The program works when 90% of a business has revenue derived from transportation, oil and gas processing or storage. All stakeholders must receive freedom checks. For $10 it’s possible for anybody to become a shareholder. This program is not security nor is it medicare. If you do receive a large amount of social security, this means you will get a bigger freedom check.

The Master Limited Partnership or MLP was created as an investment opportunity by Matt Badiali. This unique investment gives tax-related advantages and is publicly traded. There is no tax on profits until investors receive a payout. Many businesses will also receive an increase of cash flow just as if it is a public traded company. You have to be in the industry of transportation or natural resource processing of oil and gas to be in the Master Limited Partnership.

No matter how much money you have in the bank, you should be receiving a freedom check. The MLPs use the fields in the United States to refined oil. They are also required to discover wells for transporting oil and gas in pipelines. Matt Badiali has had success in freedom checks venture where he has informed the world of this great tax and investment benefit.

Upwork is Good for Reading Advice and Making Money

The new economy is full of people looking for different ways of making money. While the majority of people are still relying on a regular job and minimum wage in order to support themselves. One problem remains when it comes to financial support. The cost of living is too high which makes it very hard if not impossible for the individual to support himself with on one income. With all of these issues and challenges in place, it is necessary for many people to find an alternate source of income either to go with their regular source of income or replace their other source of income.

For people looking for an earning opportunity, Upwork provides what they need. In order for people to make money with Upwork, they have to set up their profile. When setting up the profile, the information needs to be as accurate as possible. The profile has to be complete with a headshot. Clients want to see the person that is working for them. Without a photo, it can be harder for someone to land a gig. Once the profile is complete, the user is to submit it to Upwork which will look over the profile and approve it within 24 hours.

When everything is approved, it is time to go to work on finding a gig. When looking for work, it is important for the user to set his price. The best thing to do is to avoid going too high or too low. Charging too much can cause people to pass the user up, especially if his writing is not at the quality worth his price. Going too low will get clients to assume that the writing is going to be very low in quality. With online income, it is best to be diligent and busy.


Eric Lefkofsky’s impact on the society

The CEO of Tempus Groupon, Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in 1969, he a successful businessman and is based in Chicago. Eric attended the University of Michigan where he attained his first degree. Eric ventured into business soon after completing his law degree.Together with a friend Eric borrowed some money and they decided to start a clothing company. The company experienced success in the first few years. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt, and this lead to the closure. Eric Lefkofsky did not give up, he joined hands with another friend and established InnerWorkings the company provided print services.

Over the years, Eric established many technology companies in different sectors. Most of his ventures were geared towards marketing and improving businesses. However after two decades in the technology world. Eric made a quick change to another field, and he co-founded the Tempus Groupon.Sometimes in life, some of the most challenging situations end up bringing solutions and making the world a better place. This was the case with Eric Lefkofsky. A personal experience lead to the establishment of Tempus. Eric discovered there was a need to improve clinic data, and this is after he saw a loved one receive cancer treatment.

During the treatment process, Eric would find himself researching and interacting with doctors, he however discovered in spite of the excellent care given to the patients more needed to be done to make the process better and this is how Tempus Groupon was established.Tempus aims at ensuring the researcher, as well as research companies and doctors, have the correct data and this will help in making their service more effective. Since its establishment, Tempus has worked towards providing structured data, form the large medical files.Eric believes that it is essential to embrace modern technology in the health sector, Eric Lefkofsky aims at positively impacting the society by improving the standards in the health sector by providing proper information.

End Citizens United Steps Up Efforts To Combat Big Money Influence In American Politics

End Citizens United has stepped up efforts to support candidates that support efforts at campaign finance reform just ahead of the 2018 mid-term elections. ECU was established in 2015 in response to a ruling on the part of the United States Supreme Court that placed no limits placed on the number and amount of campaign donations that can be given by political actions committees. and further stated that these PACS are not required to publicly disclose the individuals or business entities that donate to them.End Citizens United is committed to ending the ongoing abuses that have resulted from this decision in a variety of ways including providing support to candidates that have a documented track record of disallowing ‘dark’ money to influence their political activities.

ECU also commits to candidates that vote for measures seeking to remove big money from the political process. ECU raises money to support candidates using grassroots efforts and wields the power that is provided to them by the construction of a network consisting of 400,000 small-scale donors. The average donation of these donors is estimated to be $14 which will result in $35 million being available to ECU leading up to the mid-term elections. Another method End Citizens United seeks to lessen the impact of big money in political circles is to call attention to, and pose opposition to, candidates they identify as misusers of this money. This is a fact that Florida Governor Rick Scott just learned the hard way.

End Citizens United filed a recent complaint with the Federal Election Committee alleging that Scott, who is now seeking a position with the U.S. Senate, is circumventing the limits placed on direct campaign contributions by way of an improper alliance with the political action committee New Republican.ECU says that Rick Scott is in violation because it is not legal for a candidate to work directly with a political action committee despite the fact that a PAC is allowed to support whichever candidate it chooses and there is no limit on the amount of support that can be given. End Citizens United cites evidence of Scott’s improprieties in his dealings with the New Republic as the fact he was once the chairman of the group that has pledged its allegiance to his campaign efforts.