George Soros Success as a Philanthropist

George Soros is a one of the recognized philanthropy who has been able to make an impact to charity centers through investing in them. He has been able to dedicate himself to enhancing the lives of needy people all over the world. In the United States, he is one of the richest individuals and his wealth he acquired through serving in the hedge fund business. Furthermore, he has been able to take part in charity through dedicating himself to supporting for human rights and democracy. As a philanthropist, he has been able to donate $18 billion to enable the Open Society Foundation to do their daily activities. In the year 1980 is when he started working at the charity organization as the chairman hence he enabled the organization to improve their activities and ensuring the needy have better lives. Through his support and contribution to Open Societies Foundation, it was able to be recognized and listed as the United States second biggest charity organization.

George Soros is also recognized as one of the individuals who has given out over half of his wealth to assist the society all over the world. More than 120 nations are where his foundation run their activities which have enabled in helping in making sure that people adore their democratic rights. Open Societies Foundation has been able to help different countries and one of the benefactors is Hungary.Furthermore, Open Societies Foundation in order to accomplish their objectives they work with the different organization. One of the largest contributions that the organization made is through providing money in order to control Ebola in the year 2014 through starting treatment centers. He also has helped various politicians by proving them with funds. In the year 2016, he sponsored Hillary Clintons with her presidential campaign and also gave millions to different PACs that supported her.

Also, Barack Obama also profited from the funds that he received from Soros in the year 2012 during his presidential elections. A lot of Republicans did not like the idea of him funding the Democratic Party. The government of President Trump has been very hard on immigrants and other smaller groups these have enabled the Open Societies Foundation to begin increasing their attention in the United States.George Soros is expressively driven with his early life to take part in philanthropy. He was brought up in Hungary in between the 1930s and 1940s, whereby at that time a lot of Jew lost their lives due to the severe Nazi Occupation. He went to a U.K College whereby he attained a degree in finance and then progressed to Wall Street where he became the hedge fund manager. He as well is one of the leading winners of a currency conjecture deal and was given $1.5 billion by the Bank of England. In facilitating democracy and human rights he has been able to invest over 50 percent of his wealth in it. Open Societies Foundation receive $800 million to $900 million per annum to continue running with their operation.

Talk Fusion Announces The Launch Of A New And Easy Video Chatting Platform

Talk Fusion has become the number video marketing solutions to clients in more than 140 countries. The chief executive officer of the firm is vocal about his firm’s innovative spirit and stated that onlookers would enjoy the new products in line for launching. Talk Fusion’s latest gadget is the Live Meetings software that allows users to have real-time conferences.


Bob Reina announced the newest addition to the family of Talk Fusion’s tech, stating that it is a game changer for meetings. Live Meeting has a one-way video transmission feature that uses the WebRTC system. The tech used in development allows seamless transmission of chats for up to 15 hosts concurrently. Live Meetings has proven efficient to 500 participants who tried conducting a live meeting.


Live Meetings’ biggest perk is its ability to work on a varied genre of devices, on PCs, tablets and smartphones. The software is integrated into Talk Fusion’s backend website features, allowing users to have online video chats through the browser. Another benefit of using Talk Fusion’s video chatting portal is the elimination of a need to download Adobe Flash Player. Talk Fusion’s IT manager added that Live Meetings is not interrupted by the other functions on the browser, such as downloads and installations happening simultaneously.


Talk Fusion began as a resolve to fix AOL’s inability to send a video via mail. Bob Reina realized the potential to change a simple email feature to liven the chats by integrating a video feature. He contacted an IT guru whom he collaborated with to launch Video Email – Talk Fusion’s first product.


Bob Reina’s career is little unconventional with his past in patrolling the cities as a police officer. Before joining the police academy, Bob earned his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida. Bob Reina is known for his light humor and philanthropic spirit. It is no surprise when he brings pets to the office and organizes serial charity events to varied courses. Bob is a staunch believer in hard work and emphasizes the importance of inserting oneself fully into an endeavor. This belief mechanism fuels his everyday duties at Talk Fusion’s offices, enabling him to create and upgrade pre-existing technology. Learn more:


Making Rocketship Education Relevant In Public Schools

Among the newest and boldest approaches in public education now going into its fifth year of development is the platform known as “rocketship education” (RE). Based on the philosophy that children of diverse backgrounds deserve quality education regardless of the parental background, it’s made up of several benchmark features that make it worthy of consideration by public school educators across board. They are:

1- Understanding A Student’s Unique Needs

Knowing that each student and family has special needs, annual visits to the home are rendered vital to this (RE)program. Changing the dynamics to one where the home itself presents the optimal opportunity for developing a much stronger relationship among students, teachers and parents sets the stage for better more cohesion in the classroom.

2- Putting Parents In The Driver’s Seat

Involving parents in community interaction at all levels as they advocate for better quality educational standards, is a foundational mindset in RE platforms.

3- A Wide Open Door Policy

Offering Rocketship Education to children of all ethnicities, race, class or creed, RE stresses not leaving the student’s community to obtain a better and higher standard of learning. As one African-American teacher stated, “The first people that should have been integrated were the teachers and administration.”

4- The Failing Of An Ineffectual Progressive Platform

In the past, the progressive educational movement failed to address the hypocrisy of progressive people who say one thing, yet do the opposite as they send their own wealthy children elsewhere other than where indicated for more disadvantaged children.

5- How Far The Parent Engagement

Hiring practices need to be fine-tuned so that educators in the rocketship program are more aligned with the RE mindset. That being said, parents need to form part of the “inclusive” process in which they to help select the teachers that will teach their children–before the actual classes start. In other words, RE invites parents to actually engage the teachers in job interviews thus forming an integral part of the program.

However, not all teachers embrace the rocketship educational platform–even as some parents.

Other school districts during the 1990s, went as far as having parents interview some of the principals and staff members which turned off some parents as being too invasive and a job better left to professional educators.

Securus Technologies Committed to Providing Reliable Technologies to Help Prevent and Solve Crimes

If you thought that no one cares to provide quality services to the inmates, then you should know that at Securus Technologies, we are the leading promoters of Crime Prevention. We specialize in innovating technologies that will help reduce the crime rate levels through opting for technology resolutions. These resolutions advocate for ensuring public safety measures, facilitating investigations, and monitoring the general vicinity to detect any crimes happening around us anytime.

We receive many comments from jails and prisons around the country through official letters where we most of them support our work in helping the society as a whole. One comment stated that services have helped the jail officials to enforce the law, corrections and even preventing crimes from happening within the jails amongst the inmates themselves. Securus Technologies safety precautions have been assisting various jail administrators to keep the inmates, their families, and the society as a whole safe which is our honor and priority to ensure safety to everyone.

One official said our system helped them cub staff members involved in crimes through the use of the information recorded from phone calls and made some arrests involving such issues. Our systems enable calls monitoring where cases such as selling of drugs within prison facilities, illegal access to phones, usage of alcohol, illegal money transfer cases can all be tapped and used against anyone involved, whether a prison staff or an inmate.

Another comment from an official told us that they rely on Securus Technologies systems to provide safety within the jurisdiction. They were impressed to see our efforts in making sure that we revolutionize the incarceration environment through our high tech solutions that enable them to have the idea on everything that goes on behind the prison doors. Our systems have brought investigative tools aggressiveness in investigation matters where they can be able to detect and deter any contraband incidences through monitoring the facilities. Many reports have come to our offices, and we accept the generously.


End Citizens United Looks To Improve Voting Rights For Everyday Americans

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in order to render positive change upon the political landscape. Their goal, as simple as it sounds, is to bring back American voter rights to the level that they should be. Now, most people don’t realize that their voting rights have been infringed upon.

In fact, most people don’t even understand what is going on at the highest levels of Washington D.C. — and this is by design. When American Citizens can’t keep up with the constant goings-on in government then they miss out on real problems. End Citizens United is a grassroots foundation that was founded for the American people. It’s goal is to make its name a reality by repealing the Citizens United decision from back in 2010.

End Citizens United knows that they are facing an uphill battle in order to make their name a reality. There is a reason that Citizens United managed to be successful: because they have the backing of the American right wing billionaire machine. Citizens United is a conservative movement that has been working to systematically infringe upon the rights of every day Americans. They do this by fighting to allow corporations to donate as much capital as they want to Washington legislators under the guise of ‘personal rights’. This is, of course, a bizarre and slippery slope that conservative supporters have engaged in. When corporations are considered people their donations are considered an extension of their rights. Now, does a billion dollar corporation really have an equal voice in comparison to the mother of two who makes $40K per year? No, and that is precisely the point.

Read more: End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules

In order to bring equality in voting back to America End Citizens United has taken aim at some of the fundamental flaws in the system. The largest flaw in the system, bar far, has been Citizens United’s Supreme Court decision. That is why End Citizens United is working to support legislators who are willing to make campaign finance reform an integral part of their platform moving forward. Washington D.C. has become more partisan than ever which means that End Citizens United is going to need to cross the aisle in order to find bipartisan support. This isn’t likely to happen without some serious work.

Thankfully, and not so thankfully, the election of Donald Trump has served as a catalyst to waking up the American public. Through the first quarter of 2017 the End Citizens United political action committee managed to raise a stunning $4 million. With this money they are well on toward their goal of raising the $35 million that is needed to make a difference during the 2018 Congressional races that are right around the corner.

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An Overview of the Breath-taking Richard Mishaan’s Designs

Richard Mishaan is an alumnus of Columbia University School of Architecture and Design. His degree in architecture and design propelled his career to the point of becoming one of the best designers in Colombia and beyond. He offers luxurious designs to his clients. This has made him popular in the entire building and construction industries.

Richard is the founder and chief executive officer of Richard Mishaan Design. This company deals in offering unique and extravagant designs to their clients at good prices. It has, therefore, channeled the construction of many business premises, estates and even some of the most expensive hotels in Colombia and beyond. Richard has gained so much popularity due to the standard of projects that his company operates under.

Popularity has presented him with lucrative opportunities that have steered his company’s exponential growth over the years. His company has also helped in providing employment opportunities to youths and professionals in various fields of designs. His notable managerial skills have enabled his employees to work diligently towards achieving success.

Additionally, Richard Mishaan has written books on his experiences as a designer. These books have similarly gained popularity and have been published by the press and made available for passionate readers. His books have inspired many real estate businesses and have challenged many construction companies to step up. As a result, the companies have learned to offer their projects with different designs compared to how they operated before interacting with Mr. Richard.

The most famous hotels in Colombia are some of his designs. They include the Shelborne Hotel and many others. All these efforts have positioned the Richard Mishaan as one of the best designers in the Columbian economy.

In a nutshell, the cities of many countries have been developed with rich designs because of him. Indeed he is worthy and deserving of all the praise among other things that he has achieved as a designer.

How History Gave $18 Billion

What A World Of Numbers Might Feel Like

The best professionals on Wall Street are macro and micro economists.

We can only imagine what the $18 billion really calculated up to for George Soros. This money was given to the Open Society Foundation. This group fights for more democracy in the world and was once led by George. Here’s what made it possible.

The field of economics covers every detail of finance that moves or retains value. The value of all economies is measured in money. Our world’s leading currency, used as a basic standard in value, is the United States dollar.

An intricate science economics is, and it aims to calculate every push and pull of financial spending or investing. George Soros is among the world’s leading professionals when analyzing what an economy does or is doing.

Mr. Soros became gifted at it. He work is in currency markets.

The American dollar is leveraged by one country whereas other currencies are leveraged by other world nations. The variety of currencies to choose from is the reason a currency market exists. Professional markets trade these values in the same manner as they do stocks.

It might be surprising that $18 billion became a donation, but the number might be petty cash for George.

George Soros became a professional at distinguishing what currencies would be favored and for how long. He was able to track the value of a country’s money. Likewise, Warren Buffett can track the value of each company’s stock he had.

Every Detail And Association Counts

True economists are masters at finding out the relationship between seemingly unimportant data and major financial events. The basic events of the modern world consist of a function within the concept of supply and demand. The function of people desiring one thing while having other things to sell is the concept.

Buying and selling moves money around more than paying wages does. There are also intricate measures to be made in the process. George Soros is considered the only man who “broke the bank of England.” This is because George had a great understanding of how England’s and the world’s economy were associated.

That simple ability to see the dots connect to financial data was priceless. George Soros is recognized today as the generation’s forerunner of success in the financial markets. Who would have thought? His legacy comes from a basic notion that everything in the financial world is somehow related.

Lori Senecal — Down to Earth Success

What would be a good title for her? She’s touted as one of the very prosperous women in the business of marketing. Here’s an inspirational quote that she’s penned, “If you cannot market yourself, what hope do you have of being in a position to advertise anything else?” It’s served her functions as an ad-woman from the 21st century nicely. She’s more than a CEO; she’s a renaissance woman.

However, what was it that catapulted Lori to her enormous achievement? Can it be fame, fortune, or silver documents? She’s well known for her hard work and charm. Her ability and imagination combine together with her natural skills as a pioneer to fortify the campaigns she shepherds. She’s a pensive personality, constantly on the fringes of a fresh thought. You can visit LinkedIn to see more.

While some believe her management style problematic, others have admired her as exemplary. Lori Senecal holds a record from the marketing business that many others may only dream about. After all, not many senior executives could boast the achievements she has attained.

Lori Senecal does not match the mold of classic CEOs. She’s extravagant Within her struggle for perfection and constant in her mission. She even gained a small following of faithful executives that converge annually to talk about ways they could help girls excel at work. At the current time, the business and America is concentrated on helping women, her attempts are dutifully applauded.

She holds meetings with customers, service executives, reporters, along with her fellow executive girls in a cozy hotel located in SoHo, NYC. While in an interview with a reporter, she posits, ” Oddly enough, when meeting with customers, they discover this type of refreshing calm a pleasant change of pace from generally gregarious CEOs.” They find her enchanting. She cites her credibility and propensity for favorable chemistry the catalyst for her continuing success. Visit GCReport to know more.

Agencies need someone who’s down to earth, simple to talk with, and easygoing. Gone are the times when dine-and-dash tactics and exaggerated flash would triumph in the eyes of clients. Her finest customers glow from the face when talking about her assistance and achievements.

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End Citizens United: Standing For The People Of America

When it comes to political action committees, End Citizens United is a notable name in the field. The organization was founded by a group of grassroots level entrepreneurs who wanted to try and bring about change in the government and bring the corruption that is happening to the limelight so that the people of America can be more informed about their state. Within a short time of the organization coming into existence, End Citizens United has received an incredible amount of support. People from all over the country have been pouring in to support the ideas that End Citizens United stands for because they resonate with what they feel and what they want the government to change. The organization has been receiving a remarkable amount of donations from the citizens of America and has achieved their funding goal, with enough to go ahead with numerous other plans as well.

End Citizens United knows that there is a lot going in the government that needs to undergo a massive change. Right from the very people running the country, to the policies that they have put in place, there is a significant scope for development. End Citizens United plans to achieve their goals and once again make it so that the power to run the government lies in the hands of the people, and theirs alone.

End Citizens United was formed after the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case, which allowed private corporations to invest into political parties without having to state publicly how much they did spend. This was a turning point for America and gave way to a massive amount of corruption in the system. People who had a significant amount of money, and who were the founders of their own companies started to get a lot more power in their hands than the common people. This created a divide among the people in America and the upper class of businessmen. Because of how much money private corporates started pouring into political parties, they started using this as a means to get what they want, even if it goes against the policies of the nation. Political parties began receiving a lot more funds, which they saw as good for themselves, even if it was for wrong or malicious activities.

The Republican Party is extremely guilty of this and has evidently succumbed to the large corporates behind their funding, thus trying to implement policies that run in their favor. Influential people in society started using this as a means to attain governmental positions, even if they were not qualified, which is also a state the country is in currently. End Citizens United wants to bring an end to this so that the nation can set itself back on the path of development and truly be a well-functioning democracy.

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Beneful Place to Get Dog Food

Walmart has many different products but one of my favorite isles to go down in Walmart is the Dog Food isle because of all the many different choices of Beneful Dog Food! The prices are lower than anywhere else I have found Beneful and often times there are coupons there to be used on the isle. The dry dog food varies from the smallest bags being 3-4 dollars to the large bags I get for my three dogs averaging 23 dollars which is definitely a better price then anywhere else. My dogs like healthy weight with real salmon which is definitely carried at Walmart and not many other places. My dogs really like the food flavor and they do not get sick since we switched to Beneful. Walmart really does roll back its prices when it comes to BenefulWalmart yet it is still all the great stuff that Beneful Dog Food is known for: promoting happy and healthy dogs at the right price for their clients!