Be A Leader, Not A Boss

From the podcast, we gather that for an individual in a top position to be a success, they have to learn how to be a leader and not a boss. Leaders work alongside their subordinates towards achieving the objectives and the goals that they have all set. More importantly, the leader inspires and motivates their subordinates to greatness which makes them admired and a role model to the others.



This podcast is useful to entrepreneurs and individuals in a top position in their companies. They need to learn how they can use their positions to inspire greatness to their subordinates. Moreover, leaders need to understand that subordinates are not there to be seen and worked. Instead, for a healthy relationship and great result, subordinates need to be listened and encouraged. This is a leaf that most leaders fail to understand when dealing with their subordinates.



More importantly, passion and ambition go hand in hand. Both leaders and subordinates should be encouraged to know what they are passionate about. Leaders should learn and try to understand their subordinates, their strengths and weaknesses and what they are passionate about. From there, they should be given roles and duties that they have shown great interests in. especially in team work, putting people with different interests together makes it easy for them to succeed in the projects as they are all assigned tasks that they love and enjoy doing.



Josh Verne is an ambitious and passionate entrepreneur based in the United States. His passions lean towards commerce and internet based businesses that he has developed and established in more than twenty years. He has founded several business with his latest and current establishment being the FlockU, LLC. FlockU provides a platform for college students to share ideas in different subjects that affects students.



Josh also served as the chief executive officer and president for, a site that enabled their users to buy products and services conveniently. He was also the president of Home Line Furniture for sixteen years, a company that was dedicated to proving home equipment and furniture to their clients. His passion and great leadership qualities have been seen through his twenty years of experience in management.

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Changing the Lip Balm Market

For almost a century the lip balm industry was anything but an innovative one with products that resembled their predecessors almost a century earlier. About seven years ago a start-up company, Evolution of Smooth (EOS), was formed to revolutionize the lip balm industry and grew into a major competitor. In doing so they displaced several larger competitors like Pfizer who owns Chapstick and Clorox who acquired Burt’s Bees.

How EOS lip balm was able to change the lip balm market is a study in listening to their customer base and catering a product for their tastes. They noticed that the biggest segment of the lip balm market is women who disproportionately bought lip balm but we’re not excited about the product in any way. Instead, their view of lip balm was one that was purely utilitarian in nature.

To interest female shoppers in the EOS lip balm the applicator case was redesigned to one with bright and colorful cases with an unique applicator orb that retained the sanitary benefits of the old applicator tube but allowed for a smooth application. EOS also used all natural and organic ingredients in their lip balm which met the needs of their female customers. Finally, EOS created new and fun flavors for customers like Honeydew which intrigued customers and led them to adapt these flavor blends.

All of these changes appealed to their target market and products began to fly off the shelves. To create a product that lasted as opposed to just capitalized on a momentary fad in the market, EOS had proprietary equipment designed for them which allowed their products to be more challenging to emulate.

These product decisions have paid off and EOS now sells one million units of lip balm a week. The company has matured but still maintains their customer first product focus. Visit the EOS Facebook page and website @ to view the full EOS product gallery.


Jason Hope, The Futurist

Jason Hope FuturistJason Hope is a futurist who is successfully involved in entrepreneurship, technology and philanthropy. He studied his bachelor’s degree in finance at Arizona State University which is in Tempe, Arizona, where he was born. He also took a graduate program in business at the W.P Carey School of Business, in the same university. Jason also takes a special interest in technology and has taken time to study and invest in it as well.

The Entrepreneur

Jason owns The Jason Hope Business Consulting and they help businesses in finding investors, strategies and even in raising capital. He also partners with investors to aid them in developing business plans that exploit their full technological possibilities.

The Technologist

Jason Hope heavily invests in technology. He believes in using the power of technology to enhance our lives, to make things simpler, easier and enjoyable for ourselves. He is so fascinated by mobile applications, computer desktop software, gaming software and their development.

He studies technology and technological infrastructure such as the internet of things and where the industry is headed to. He has even made five predictions on the future of the internet of things. First, he predicts that the internet of things will look completely different in the future as it did look a few years ago. Second he states that it will provide more value in being incorporated in more of our equipment and in limiting losses. Third, he foretells how getting a business or a consumer to value an application will pose a big challenge to developers in future. Fourth, he says that it will change the way we drive, since distracted driving will be limited and the driving experience will be more enjoyable. Fifth, he says that the IoT and connectivity will stop being a ‘thing’ and will be part of our lives. Jason believes the future lies in technology.

The Philanthropist

Jason is very passionate about the SENS organization, who research age-related diseases. He explains that their research is not about living forever, it is about ensuring a longer and qualitative life. The SENS foundation concentrates on seeking the cure of diseases that tend to bring about ageing. At the same time it works on preventing these diseases from ever happening in the first place. He challenges modern medicine and medical schools in that; they spend too much time on curing and hardly enough time on prevention. He states that we have to alter the way we view medicine.

Jason’s passions are clearly geared towards the future. He spends his knowledge, time and money in working towards a better tomorrow. His insights about technology help modern businesses and individuals looking for the best ways to capitalize on that technology in the future. He has gained stature as a renown futurist.

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My Little Nephew Benefits From Securus Video Visitation

My little nephew has used Securus to chat with his dad many times since we got the service for their family, and I use it myself to call my brother. I want to keep him updated on what happens with the family, and we scheduled a time for him to talk to my nephew for the Christmas season. This article explains how I planned a special video visit for my nephew over the holidays. I and quite excited about it, and I believe every family may follow suit.


#1: The Video Calls Sound Great


I have been on video calls with my brother before, and they sound fantastic. I always want him to understand what I am saying, and I feel as though we have substantive conversations that were not possible before. I come to the house and help with my nephew often, and I hand the phone off to him often when he is ready to talk to his dad. We are a family again on every call, and we planned a special meeting with my nephew and brother.


#2: We Use My Phone For The Calls


I spend quite a lot of time with my nephew, and I have my phone ready with the Securus app for every new call. I pick out my brother in the system, and we have a called placed to him where he is waiting at the jail. There is a video camera in front of him, and we use the camera on my phone to talk. I can hold the phone for my nephew, and we can talk to his dad for as long as he needs. I enjoy watching the calls, and my nephew talks to me every time about all the interesting things his dad is doing.


#3: Our Holidays Deserve A Special Touch


We want to keep the holidays as bright and happy as possible, and we believe that talking to my brother makes a difference in the family. We all look into the camera on my phone to talk to him, and we give my nephew some time to talk to his dad alone. We all get a warm feeling inside during the chats, and my nephew is energetic for days after each call.


Every Christmas season is difficult while my brother is in jail, but we are overcoming using video visitation services from Securus. My nephew benefits more than everyone else combined from a simple talk.


How Don Ressler Worked To Build A Successful Career As An Entrepreneur

Having a successful business offers a rewarding feeling for the hard work that goes to nurturing a business until it emerges successful. Many businesses that are successful are run by individuals who have committee their time and energy to ensuring all the aspects of the company go as planned. Don Ressler is one of those entrepreneurs who invest more into their passion to ensure their decisions bear great results and the satisfaction that comes with achieving one’s goals.

He boasts of a long career as an entrepreneur but between the successes is a story that motivates every upcoming entrepreneur to keep working to build a successful business. His first company,, opened his eyes to many aspects of managing a business to attain success. The company was founded to offer a platform where people could buy different fitness products. Although it was at a time when few people had learnt about purchasing things online, endured the challenges. Don Ressler ran it until 2001 when he handed ownership to Intermix Media in a deal that allowed him to get capital for another idea.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

Alena Media
After the transaction, he held a meeting with Adam Goldenberg, who was also interested in investing online. This engagement allowed the two to understand each other and they finally agreed to partner to form Alena Media, a company that worked on marketing problems presented by different clients.

Alena Media fared well and was a great motivator because it earned millions in revenue from advertising alone. This success revealed the strengths the duo had and they set out on a journey to launch a new company. The first step in their new plan was to sell Alena Media, which they did in 2005. In 2008, after some sessions of planning and brainstorming, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded Intelligent Beauty, which has been earning great revenues from sales of beauty products.

About JustFab
Most importantly, Adam Goldenberg Don Ressler own the best-rated online subscription retail across Europe, JustFab. The company was build and founded in 2010 and has been offering fashion products in all categories. To facilitate easy expansion and development, they applied for funding in 2011 and were given $33 million by Matrix Ventures. Additionally, they considered expanding their business to serve more countries, so they applied for another $76, which was approved by several companies jointly. JustFab now operates in many countries across Europe and has been growing in popularity each day.

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Status Labs And The Importance Of Reputation

Many people are learning the importance of reputation. As a matter of fact, people have realized that reputation is everything when it comes to moving forward in life. For one thing, customers are becoming more conscious about the company they are interested in shopping for. As a result, they are not looking at the company just for the products. They are also looking at how the company treats people that make up the company and the products that are sold to the company. All of this information is made available on search engines. It is important for the customer to know the reputation of the company they are shopping at because they understand that they are not just buying products, they are also voting for practices and causes of the company.

This shows how important reputation is. However, this could be a little challenging for people to manage their own reputation. This is why it is important to find a company like Status Labs. The professionals of this company will provide the online reputation management work that they need so that they can not only have a good image, but also attract the amount of customers they need to make profits.

Status Labs has become really successful in its field. As a result of its success, it has expanded to many different markets. It is now planning to expand to Los Angeles so that it could serve the growing demand for online reputation management services. For one thing, the internet has made it so that it is a lot easier to find information about companies. All one has to do is search. However, the good news is that there are barely any people that go past the front page of the search results. Therefore, all that is needed is for Status Labs to present enough content to remove any bad press from the front page of the search results.

Status Labs is one of the most effective companies for removing bad press. This is one of the reasons that it is so successful to the point of expanding into other markets.

The Manse on Marsh Administration Is Headed By New CEO Farron Bernhardt

Why would anyone want to live in an Assisted Living facility? Because of the wonderful care and friendships they can create. The person that moves into the Assisted Living is usually happier than staying at home all alone. The senior can make friends and have someone to talk to every day. They have someone that will visit with them daily and someone that will check up on them daily. This usually means a lot to someone that spends their whole day and evening alone. Loneliness is one of the worst things that a person can experience. Having friends does not replace the relationships such as son and mother or father and daughter but it can help fill some of the voids. Assisted Living facilities also help people to be up and about when they would normally be sitting at home doing nothing. Every time this person gets up and walks or does an activity they improve their lives ten-fold.

Farron Bernhardt is the New Chief Executive Officer of the Assisted Living in San Luis Obispo, California. He was chosen because of his extensive years working with the senior population and housing in Nevada. Farron has a wonderful way of looking at others and will be a great asset to the community. He has new ideas on ways to make the community even better than it already is. According to sources, Farron is the reason why people enjoy their housing. Farron’s personality is very appealing and happy.

Independent living houses and cottages are available as part of the Manse on Marsh community. These independent apartments or houses give seniors the ability to live amongst many others but still keep their independence. The independent living quarters and assisted living quarters both have access to the beauty shop on campus. Individuals can make sure to keep their hair cut and styled in the salon. Each room or house has laundry service and someone to weekly clean up their space.

Hiring Farron Bernhardt as the new CEO is going to make the Manse on Marsh even more desirable. People already fuss about getting a place in the community. Farron is usually close to the facility so anyone can visit and tour. The Manse on Marsh now has a wonderful inspirational individual to head up the administration of the Manse.

Evolution Of Smooth Is Enjoying Big Success

Seven years ago the lip balm company Evolution Of Smooth exploded onto the scene. They company used a combination of smart marketing techniques and a unique product that changed the game. They are currently topping the popularity of the one-hundred-year-old Chapstick company. Chapstick had been on top for as long as anyone could remember. Even though there were other lip balms they just didn’t have the right formula of strategies to top them Your text to link….

The creators of EOS lip balm knew that they had to approach the market with a fresh approach and a superior product. Part of the EOS appeal is the packaging. It is new and functional. The orb that holds the lip balm is fun looking and delivers the product efficiently. The company also knew that they had to offer new flavors rather than just the traditional flavors such as cherry. They now have several interesting and delicious flavors that customers just love.

People everywhere are now using the product. When EOS first arrived on the market, celebrities were seen using the fun new lip balms (see: and people everywhere just had to have them. This was another reason that the company began to become so popular so quickly. They now have seen over $350 million in growth since they began seven years ago. The EOS lip balms are featured in businesses all over the country. Most big box store and convenient stores have them located right at the checkout line.

The company is projecting steady growth over the next few years. Customers continue to flock to find their favorite flavors at the local store like ULTA. The company is only surpassed right now by Burt’s Bees.

To learn more about EOS and how they succeeded in a century-old industry, read their full interview


Waiakea Also Increases Intelligence

One of the most important things when it comes to life is productivity. There is a lot to be said for someone who is always on top of many different tasks. He is also able to quickly come up with many other solutions. This is one of the amazing feats of some of the most successful people in the world.

However, there are also some people that can’t seem to focus enough to get the work they need done. This is one thing that is very frustrating. While some people may chalk that up to some kind of deficiency, it may not be the type of deficiency that he is thinking of. The problem could be a lack of water.

It has been proven that water can actually help with mental function. One of the reasons that people are unable to focus or use their minds in ways that are productive is that they are lacking in water. One of the signs of dehydration is mental fogginess or an inability to focus.

Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are getting enough water among other nutrients. When people get enough water, they will find themselves blasting through the various tasks that they need to take on. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Gust also said that for people that are looking for the right type of water to drink, there is Waiakea spring water. One thing that people tend to think about water is that it tends to taste the same. However, people that try Waiakea water find it to be one of the freshest tasting water they have ever tried.

For one thing, they find it hard to get over the freshness of the taste. This is one of the reasons that they have decided to make Waiakea the main water that they drink.

A lot of people are not only enjoying the benefits of Waiakea water, but they are also enjoying the fresh taste that comes form the bottle. Their health is improving significantly, which makes them not want to go back to their old ways. According to Crunchbase, Wiaakea water is the perfect type of water for different functions.

Bruce Levenson Pressuring AIG To Honor Claim AHBE Filed

Bruce Levenson completed the sale of the Atlanta Hawks in the early period of 2015, but there are still issues that he and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment (AHBE) group are having to sort out. One involves their former insurance company, AIG who is refusing to honor a claim AHBE filed when they sold the team. AHBE wished to cover losses sustained regarding buying out former team General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. AHBE says their policy with AIG allowed for them to make a claim when such an event happened, but so far AIG has not acknowledged AHBE’s right to do so. Levenson and AHBE have now taken this to court.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Media back in 2004, along with the Phillips Arena. The NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers were also owned by Levenson at one point, though he sold them in 2011 and they have now relocated to Winnipeg. Levenson is also the co-founder and owner of Unified Communications Group (, a company that he started out of his apartment back in 1977 along with his friend Ed Peskowitz. UCG has become a conglomerate of publications relating to industry news such as energy, technology, and healthcare developments. In addition, UCG also owns Gas Buddy, an app designed to help drivers find cheap gas prices while on the road.

Bruce Levenson has also been a devoted philanthropist, specifically to the Washington D.C. area. He helped start groups such as Hoop Dreams Foundation, and I Have a Dream Foundation to help raise funds for lower income student education. Levenson even started the University of Maryland’s Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership center, a branch of the university that seeks to encourage students to give back to the community. He’s also a donor and major supporter of the Holocaust Memorial Museum.