David Giertz: Financial Advisor Equipping Businesses For Success

David Giertz is one of the top business leaders located in Columbus, Ohio. With 29 years of experience and working with 8 different firms, he is certainly equipped with invaluable experience. He attended Millikin University to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management on Facebook. He also attended the University of Miami – School of Business to obtain his MBA in Business Administration and Management. Additionally, he has passed 4 different exams adding to his list accomplishments including: State Security Law Exam, General Industry and Products Exam, and two sections of the Principal/Advisory Exam, which include municipal securities and general securities. Certainly, David Giertz’s contributions in the finance industry has not gone unnoticed. He has worked hard to build a credible name for himself and help those around him.

Currently, David is the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization, which is NFS Distribution Inc. Nationwide is a leading provider for retirement plans in the U.S. What Giertz does with this organization is create wholesale strategies and distribute the private sector retirement plans, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds through banks, specialty markets, independent broker/deals, regional firms, and warehouse. David Giertz is very passionate about helping others become financially stable on Finra. In fact, he has used different platforms to share relevant information with individuals about their finances. In an article with the Wall Street Journal, Giertz encourages other advisors to talk about social security with their clients.

Indeed, David Giertz’s financial knowledge has effectively been put to use. He has put a lot of time into helping other businesses and organizations not only remain organized, but help them keep their finances in check at http://www.wsj.com/video/speak-to-your-clients-about-social-security/8B2F5FA4-B0E8-4D71-A1E3-D29AA2711CC5.html. What makes him so successful is his passion and drive to provide people with the best advice to set them on the right track financially. It is without a doubt that Giertz is helping businesses thrive in order for them to reach their full potential.

Todd Lubar’s Relevance in the Contemporary Mortgage Banking Sector

Todd Lubar started his professional real estate career in 1995. Before starting out, he was passionate about finance and real estate matters. He also desired to help people acquire their dream homes irrespective of their financial statuses. Immediately after Lubar completed his higher education, Crestar Mortgage Corporation employed him as the loan officer. He worked with different mortgage clients and amassed knowledge on mortgage banking. Throughout his career, he has interacted with experts in the real estate sector. Lubar has also offered insights on mortgage banking to CPA’s, insurance agents as well as financial planners. He joined the Legacy Financial Group in 1999. This job position enabled him to learn more about both lending and broking loans.

Legendary Properties, LLC

Lubar worked with outside investors at Legal Financial Group for three years. He then decided to use the expertise he had acquired to start a residential development company known as Legendary Properties, LLC. According to his Linked In page, as the company’s CEO, he established good relationships with banks and managed to amass over $20 million in funding. His company focused on buying, renovating, and selling residential units. The company uses funding from different banks to focus not only on single-family homes but also on also multi-family units.

Based on his observation on underserved clients in the mortgage-banking sector, Lubar founded Legendary Properties LLC. Besides being affiliated with Legendary Properties, LLC, the company offers commercial loans to individual customers and companies. Lubar combined his money with the liquidity of the affiliate company to lend borrowers. However, he disbursed funds based on the contemporary market conditions. Check out his website, toddlubar.com.

Charter Funding

Using his expertise in mortgage banking, Lubar founded Charter Funding as a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation (FMFC) back in 2003. The subsidiary benefited from FMFC, which is among the biggest private mortgage firms in the United States. Lubar used Charter Funding as a link to access diverse residential resources.

Other Ventures

The mortgage sector experienced tremendous changes in 2007 and 2008. As a smart businessperson, Lubar decided to shift to other businesses. He ventured in commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling. Besides work, Lubar loves spending time with his two children and lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

Other source: https://about.me/todd_lubar

Buying Womens Sporting Apparel at Deeply Discounted Prices

One of the most popular websites for buying women’s sports apparel is Fabletics, providing you more than deeply discounted prices on clothing, it is a revolutionary shopping experience. With Kate Hudson co-founding the project, Fabletics has fast become the source for everything sports apparel related for women.


To get you excited about this unique shopping experience, Fabletics offers new customers their choice of anything on the website for only $25 with free shipping. With so many high-quality workout apparel pieces to choose from, buyers score a great piece of clothing for bargain basement pricing. That is not where the savings end however, it is when you return to the website where the real saving begin.


Once you complete a Lifestyle Quiz on the website, you are given a VIP membership that entitles you to a variety of preferred discounts. The VIP membership entitles members to choose any workout apparel on the website for a locked-in price of only $49.95. This price remains for the life of the membership, but the savings do not stop there. members also enjoy free shipping on every order, a huge savings that will add up quickly.


As part of the VIP membership at Fabletics, you’re assigned your own sales associate who will check your quiz answers and recommend to you a new pieces of sporting apparel each month. Take their advice and just approve the order, or select something all on your own. Nothing ships without your approval, you even have the option to skip a month and simply come back and see what your associate chose for you then.


Let’s see what women across the internet are saying about their own unique buying experiences at Fabletics.


Elaine left a review at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I have always loved the selections made for me. Each time I show up to my gym the girls always comment how incredible my outfits always look. Low prices, free shipping, top quality merchandise. I love this site.”


Lynn reviewed at Krazy Coupon Lady, “The merchandise that I receive each month easily sells for triple the price at the mall. Now I don’t have to leave the house to shop, I can log into my account at Fabletics and just approve the selection and be done in minutes.


Evelyn left her review at Trust Pilot, “I skipped ordering for a few months, then came back and the team at Fabletics chose something I had to have. It was the association with Kate Hudson that hooked me, and now I tell all my friends they have to get a membership too!”

Omar Boraie And Family Give Generously To Rutgers

Newswise has reported there is a new gift coming to Rutgers University in the amount of $1.5 million, and it will help to establish a new chairman in the genomics lab. The department is growing at the university, and this article explains how the gift will help the university improve. Many will benefit when the medical faculty at Rutgers is improved every year.

#1: What Is The Gift For?

The gift is the start a chairmanship in the department of genomics that will bring in someone of supreme talent. The most-gifted people in the world are often attracted to schools that have the most resources. Rutgers wishes to show they have the resources to support their scientists, and the gift from the Boraie family will help. They are one of the most prominent families in the state, and they have done quite a lot to ensure the state is growing.

#2: Who Are The Boraies?

Sam Boraie’s family owns Boraie Development, and they have done quite a lot of work in the state building new properties where there was once nothing. Omar Boraie started the company, and the gift to Rutgers is given in his name. He housed the company in New Brunswick where the family lives, and he wants to ensure everyone in the city has a lovely place to live. He works in other parts of the state, and he has built an empire that is capable of giving in the millions to Rutgers.

#3: How Does The Medical Field Benefit?

According to Bloomberg’s report, New Brunswick is attempting to create a medical community around Rutgers that is stronger than any other. They wish to market themselves as the city that offers the best medical care, and they are willing to continue building where needed to help patients. The university hires the best faculty in the field, and they are partnering with families such as the Boraies to ensure their university is growing as much as possible.

The gift of $1.5 million to the university is one part of what the Boraie family does to help the state grow. They are committed to the state of New Jersey, and they know what value there is in a state that invests in the education of its citizens. They are building new developments every day, and Omar is leading the company in a plan that will offer everyone a fine place to live in New Jersey.


The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson of the United Communications Group holds over four decades of experience within the business industry. Bruce Levenson have worked hard to obtain a fortune and to make sure that his name and legacy have continued to be passed on to not only his family members, but also to his peers that love and respect him. As the co-founder of the United Communications Group, Bruce Levenson has had the main goal ever since he was young to start a business that is based around providing information to others around the world. Bruce Levenson is passionate about providing information on some of the world’s most complex topics such as healthcare as well as the energy industry. Bruce Levenson has become a successful individual not because of his goal to become successful and wealthy, but due to his dedication to help others in the process of gaining success.

Bruce Levenson comes from a traditional Jewish family which taught his the importance of maintaining family values in every aspect of life. With this in mind, Bruce Levenson has been able to successfully combine traditional values with a mix of modernization. PR News brands him as a master philanthropist. With every important decision that Bruce Levenson has made in the world of business, Bruce Levenson has always made sure to consult his family first. In recent ESPN news, Bruce Levenson has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company under the claim of the breach of contract by the former general manager. Bruce Levenson wants to make sure that this will not continue and that no one else will have problems with this insurance company. Though the claim is a confidential claim, Bruce Levenson eventually settled and has since then been able to make sure that this breach in contract has not continued to be experienced by other clients of the firm.

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Livio Bisterzo Launches A Healthy Product, Hippeas

Hippeas is a new brand of organic chickpea snack. It was launched in the market with the objective of appealing to consumers that are seeking for tasty brands. Some of the companies that stock Hippeas are Boots and Holland & Barrett as well as Starbucks. After being approached by Green Park, Hippeas owner, Jkr designed the product’s visual identity, tone of voice, personality and packaging.

Hippeas (http://hippeas.com/) is meant for the modern generation. Hippeas personality is inspired by the iconic smiling face of the hippie era. To stand out in the minds of the consumers, online and on the shelf, the visual identity had to be based on yellow face having a colored tongue. This admixture of color symbolized different flavors. When designing the language of the brand and tone of voice, Jkr had to strike a balance between having irreverent humor and being socially conscious. Jkr’s design director, Stephen McDavid, posited that the agency opted to come up with a mainstream snacking brand instead of limiting the brand to the challenger market on Facebook. He went on to contend that a brand becomes big by virtue of being confident and brave.

Hippeas are low in fat, vegan and gluten-free. In addition, they have high protein and fibre. The brand is available in four flavors, which are In Herbs We Trust, Sweet & Smokin’, Far Out Fajita and Pepper Power. The design of the project is a true reflection of aspiration and ambition.

Hippeas has been calling the public, especially snackers to try the snack while at the same time doing good to the planet. The new go-to snack has been made with various high-quality ingredients. Its mantra is peas, love and giving back. To this end, Hippeas has entered into partnership with Farm Africa, a charity organization, to create wealth in rural eastern Africa, thus ending hunger. In the arrangement, the brand has been using a portion of sales from every pack sold to support chickpea farmers across eastern Africa.

About Livio Bisterzo
For over seven years, Livio Bisterzo has been actively engaged in the health and natural food industry. In May 2015, he sought the services of a food innovation company to start creating Hippeas. They went through the entire process of product development and consumer testing. In the end, they had a finished product. Livio is an alumnus of the London’s University of Arts. He is originally from Italy. Over the years, he has built various businesses ranging from consumer goods to hospitality. He founded Green Park Brands in 2015 with the objective of manufacturing healthy products that have a positive social impact in the globe.

Click here to learn more about Livio Bisterzo.

Keith Mann Donates Lunch to the NYPD

Despite the current protests against the police across the country, Keith Mann and wife, Keely Mann, have made a warm gesture to the NYPD by sending lunch to the 54th Street precinct. The founder of Dynamic Search Partners believes that this move will help to boost the morale of the officers that have been adversely affected by the protests.

Keith Mann said that police officers are members of the society and should be treated with utmost respect. He gave an example of his wife’s uncle who is a detective in Staten Island. He also urged individuals participating in the peaceful protests to desist from attacking police officers, as it is inhumane and could escalate the already complicated situation.

The hedge fund staffing expert had previously sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct. He believes that repeating the kind gesture is necessary as the protests against the police force increases. Keith wants the public to look at the many occasions in which the police have helped to protect the society from dangerous individuals and to avoid judging the whole force from the actions of few officers. He said that most of the officers obey the law and react to situations as per their training. However, Keith calls for investigations into questionable actions by police officers to ensure that justice is served. He was speaking when he presented the lunch to the officers.

In January, Keith organized a rally in support of the NYPD. Over 150 people attended the rally. The executive manager hopes to spearhead similar rallies across the United States. Although people supporting the police face hostilities, he hopes that the determination of the group will help to pass their message across. He wants the silent people to come out and make their voice heard. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as explained in the following link http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/keith-mann-and-dynamics-search-partners-raise-over-22k-for-uncommon-schools-of-new-york-300044729.html

Keith Mann is the chief executive officer of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP). The executive has 15 years of experience in hedge fund staffing, hiring, and compensation. DSP is a premier executive search company. It provides its services to alternative investment firms in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Keith’s leadership has seen the company continue to serve the ever-growing executive staffing needs of alternative investment firms.

Be A Leader, Not A Boss

From the podcast, we gather that for an individual in a top position to be a success, they have to learn how to be a leader and not a boss. Leaders work alongside their subordinates towards achieving the objectives and the goals that they have all set. More importantly, the leader inspires and motivates their subordinates to greatness which makes them admired and a role model to the others.



This podcast is useful to entrepreneurs and individuals in a top position in their companies. They need to learn how they can use their positions to inspire greatness to their subordinates. Moreover, leaders need to understand that subordinates are not there to be seen and worked. Instead, for a healthy relationship and great result, subordinates need to be listened and encouraged. This is a leaf that most leaders fail to understand when dealing with their subordinates.



More importantly, passion and ambition go hand in hand. Both leaders and subordinates should be encouraged to know what they are passionate about. Leaders should learn and try to understand their subordinates, their strengths and weaknesses and what they are passionate about. From there, they should be given roles and duties that they have shown great interests in. especially in team work, putting people with different interests together makes it easy for them to succeed in the projects as they are all assigned tasks that they love and enjoy doing.



Josh Verne is an ambitious and passionate entrepreneur based in the United States. His passions lean towards commerce and internet based businesses that he has developed and established in more than twenty years. He has founded several business with his latest and current establishment being the FlockU, LLC. FlockU provides a platform for college students to share ideas in different subjects that affects students.



Josh also served as the chief executive officer and president for Workpays.me, a site that enabled their users to buy products and services conveniently. He was also the president of Home Line Furniture for sixteen years, a company that was dedicated to proving home equipment and furniture to their clients. His passion and great leadership qualities have been seen through his twenty years of experience in management.

Find out more about Josh Verne:



Changing the Lip Balm Market

For almost a century the lip balm industry was anything but an innovative one with products that resembled their predecessors almost a century earlier. About seven years ago a start-up company, Evolution of Smooth (EOS), was formed to revolutionize the lip balm industry and grew into a major competitor. In doing so they displaced several larger competitors like Pfizer who owns Chapstick and Clorox who acquired Burt’s Bees.

How EOS lip balm was able to change the lip balm market is a study in listening to their customer base and catering a product for their tastes. They noticed that the biggest segment of the lip balm market is women who disproportionately bought lip balm but we’re not excited about the product in any way. Instead, their view of lip balm was one that was purely utilitarian in nature.

To interest female shoppers in the EOS lip balm the applicator case was redesigned to one with bright and colorful cases with an unique applicator orb that retained the sanitary benefits of the old applicator tube but allowed for a smooth application. EOS also used all natural and organic ingredients in their lip balm which met the needs of their female customers. Finally, EOS created new and fun flavors for customers like Honeydew which intrigued customers and led them to adapt these flavor blends.

All of these changes appealed to their target market and evolutionofsmooth.ca products began to fly off the shelves. To create a product that lasted as opposed to just capitalized on a momentary fad in the market, EOS had proprietary equipment designed for them which allowed their products to be more challenging to emulate.

These product decisions have paid off and EOS now sells one million units of lip balm a week. The company has matured but still maintains their customer first product focus. Visit the EOS Facebook page and website @ https://evolutionofsmooth.ca to view the full EOS product gallery.


Jason Hope, The Futurist

Jason Hope FuturistJason Hope is a futurist who is successfully involved in entrepreneurship, technology and philanthropy. He studied his bachelor’s degree in finance at Arizona State University which is in Tempe, Arizona, where he was born. He also took a graduate program in business at the W.P Carey School of Business, in the same university. Jason also takes a special interest in technology and has taken time to study and invest in it as well.

The Entrepreneur

Jason owns The Jason Hope Business Consulting and they help businesses in finding investors, strategies and even in raising capital. He also partners with investors to aid them in developing business plans that exploit their full technological possibilities.

The Technologist

Jason Hope heavily invests in technology. He believes in using the power of technology to enhance our lives, to make things simpler, easier and enjoyable for ourselves. He is so fascinated by mobile applications, computer desktop software, gaming software and their development.

He studies technology and technological infrastructure such as the internet of things and where the industry is headed to. He has even made five predictions on the future of the internet of things. First, he predicts that the internet of things will look completely different in the future as it did look a few years ago. Second he states that it will provide more value in being incorporated in more of our equipment and in limiting losses. Third, he foretells how getting a business or a consumer to value an application will pose a big challenge to developers in future. Fourth, he says that it will change the way we drive, since distracted driving will be limited and the driving experience will be more enjoyable. Fifth, he says that the IoT and connectivity will stop being a ‘thing’ and will be part of our lives. Jason believes the future lies in technology.

The Philanthropist

Jason is very passionate about the SENS organization, who research age-related diseases. He explains that their research is not about living forever, it is about ensuring a longer and qualitative life. The SENS foundation concentrates on seeking the cure of diseases that tend to bring about ageing. At the same time it works on preventing these diseases from ever happening in the first place. He challenges modern medicine and medical schools in that; they spend too much time on curing and hardly enough time on prevention. He states that we have to alter the way we view medicine.

Jason’s passions are clearly geared towards the future. He spends his knowledge, time and money in working towards a better tomorrow. His insights about technology help modern businesses and individuals looking for the best ways to capitalize on that technology in the future. He has gained stature as a renown futurist.

For more information, connect with Jason Hope on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.