Dr. Jennifer Walden—one of the few female plastic surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC and Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC. She has been practicing plastic surgery for nearly 15 years focusing on rhinoplasties, face-lifts, breast augmentation, and eyelid lifts. She also practices liposuction and minimal procedures like Botox injections among others.

Being a female plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is a field mostly dominated by men, but Dr. Walden quickly found she had an advantage over the opposite sex. As an estimated 91% of plastic surgeries are performed on women, she realized that there was a market that needed someone like her. She happens to be a mother of twins which has helped her closely identify with other women whose body has changed due to pregnancy. When feeling insecure about certain parts of their body that they want to change— she has found that women feel a lot more comfortable talking to another woman about it.

Early life

Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas in 1971 to a dentist father and a mother who was a surgical nurse. After graduating high school she completed a degree in Biology from the University of Texas. She then continued her education on the medical branch of the same university and completed an MD, graduating a salutatorian.

In the media

Dr. Jennifer Walden has made several appearances on TV as a commentator. Some of the networks include Fox News, ABC News, and VH1. In 2014 she was on the list of 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in a publication by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She has also been referred to as one of the best plastic surgeons in America by American Way magazine.

Dr. Walden is also one of the few women forming part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

Stay In Step With This Spring’s Fashions With Colors From Lime Crime

The latest fashion and beauty trends for spring have finally arrived. Since this is the season of renewal, it is little wonder that these trends would showcase an individual’s inner beauty through the use of products designed to highlight different areas of the face. As a cosmetic company that has always encouraged women to express their individuality, Lime Crime offers an array of eye shadows and lip colors that would be perfect for accentuating facial features through subtle highlighting. This company’s opalescent highlighter palettes for unicorns offers three coordinating eye shadows bursting with bright colors.

The effect achieved through highlighted areas could vary according to the time of day or the occasion. Beauty tips for this spring include using a matte lip color in order to bring out the natural sparkle of the eyes. Eyes could be enhanced using one of the Venus Palettes from Lime Crime. Each palette contains eight different shades of color, which could be used on the eyelid, under the brow or below the lash line to create a smokey look.

There are actually three different Venus Palettes available to choose from. Each set provides a different array of colors that could be used to enhance the different skin tones people have. Because these palettes have a range of coordinating colors, they make it easy to highlight areas around the eyes for either a day or evening look. In addition to allowing a person’s natural beauty to shine through, these distinctive colors could also be used with an eyeliner to help a woman make the statement that she is confident, which is another beauty tip for this spring.

This spring’s fashion trends also see a move toward the color purple. The latest release of the Venus 3 palette from Lime Crime includes a deep exotic purple named Paradise and a bright lilac shimmer named Beam. These two colors could be worn separately or together to create a subtle or sultry look. They could also be worn in combination with any of the other shades found within this palette or any of the other palettes available from this fashion forward cosmetic company.

CFO of Willis Tower Watson, Michael Burwell, Offers Insight On Impact Of Technology In Business


The industry of finance and business management is very demanding, and it requires a professional with strong mental muscles and the right temperament. Being in charge of decisions that directly influence the distribution of millions of money is a position that requires a very sober and intelligent person. Michael Burwell is such a person. In his more than three decades working in the field of business finance and management, he has proved that he is the type that gets the job done. Presently he serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson.


The company is the top international advisory, broking, and solutions agent that assists customers all over the globe to change risk into growth. Willis Towers has been in operations for more than 100 years and has grown to attract clients from more than a hundred and forty nations of the world and also provided a source of living for more than forty thousand employees. Michael Burwell, as the head of finance in the company, has provided extraordinary leadership having been in similar positions at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) for more than three decades.


According to Mike, his career has consistently been influenced by his willingness to listen to his colleagues because he appreciates everybody’s position of opinion. Burwell banks on the young people to come up with revolutionary ideas that are going to change the operating system of many processes in the global economy. He says that technology is the way to go. Mike, therefore, is a strong advocate for the young people who are the technology gurus. He calls them the digital ninjas who are going to change the world in the near future.


At Willis Towers, they have invested and continue to support the young tech-savvy population and they are already witnessing a preview of future changes in the insurance world powered by InsureTech. Michael Burwell believes that technology will continue to bring together smaller groups with similar interests and outlooks. According to Mike, technology has enabled him to do more with less and this has increased his efficiency and output.


More about Michael Burwell


Mike had a long and successful career at PwC before joining Willis Towers Watson. In his 31yrs long career at PwC, Burwell served in various positions including Head of Transaction Services in the US, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Global Transformation.


Mike is Certified Public Accountant and also serves as a board member of Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center. He attended Michigan State University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting Option. He joined Willis Towers Watson in the year 2017.


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Bob Reina: He Wants You To Know Your Value

Too many people out there struggle when it comes to their value. They have a hard time figuring out what it is and why they should have nice things. However, at the end of the day, they deserve nice things, a lot of nice things, and they should never, ever settle for anything less than the very best. They talk themselves out of it or they get inside their own heads too much. The key is for people to know what their value is and once they realize it, they won’t settle for anything less than full price. They will go after it and they will get it. They will not let anyone tell them otherwise. They are able to block out all of the white noise. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


There is going to be a lot of white noise and a lot of people that are going to try and tell you what you are worth, what you should get, and what you are owed. You are the only one that knows that. You know the amount of time you have put into something and how hard you have worked to obtain it. Bob Reina knows as well because he follows everyone’s journey that uses Talk Fusion. He stays in touch with his customers, and he makes sure his customer service team is there to help as well. It is a process, but it is a process that is worth it every single step of the way.


Talk Fusion has been a process for Bob Reina. It was not something that came overnight for him. It took a lot of time and he had to start from scratch. One must recall that this man used to work in law enforcement and made a major career change as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He knew his value, though, and he knew he had something a little extra to offer to the people. He wanted to give it to them, and he wanted to make sure they had all of the necessary items to get it and keep it. Talk Fusion has wonderful video technology that is improving daily.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Opine Regarding Trumps Pardon

The recent presidential pardon extended to Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump is one that will go into history books as the most controversial. America is not new to controversial presidential pardons, though. There is an increasing concern as to the use of the privilege extended to the US presidency.

Joe Arpaio was regarded as the toughest yet the most notorious Sheriff America has ever seen. According to Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, although he was known for being notorious in many respects, he is best known for the arrests of the two journalists when he was still in office. He was also the protagonist of the wrongful imprisonments of the owners of Village Voice; a newspaper that updated the Arizona community on the developments in the county.

Tracing Joe Arpaio’s History

It is about 10 years ago when the then Maricopa County Sheriff sent his agents to arrest the two journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

They budged into the apartments of the two in Phoenix and hauled them into police vans. The Sherriff instructed his agents to charge the two journalists for disclosing details relating to a jury investigation. Mr. Arpaio had grown notorious for arresting immigrants indiscriminately and holding them in prison for trumped-up charges.

The Phoenix Times journalists had got wind of the activities of the county Sheriff and had published incriminating stories relating to Mr. Joe. One of the stories related to misappropriation of county funds, which Arpaio supposedly authorized without following the laid down procedures. Joe was not impressed with the two for highlighting the evils he was orchestrating.

The journalists helped the community to get wind of news of abuse of power by county officials and other related government staff. Michael Lacey was the executive editor of the Village Voice while Jim Larking worked as its Chief Executive Officer. In fact, on the day of the police raid, they had published information relating to the investigations of a grand jury.

Act of Anger

Joe Arpaio could not stand the frustration. His activities had been widely covered by the newspapers run by the two journalists. He had established an aggressive law enforcement approach since he had been inaugurated in 1992. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

Arpaio set up the infamous Tent City to keep immigrants that he had arrested without proof of a crime. He is said to have issued several orders that bordered on assault against the women inmates.

He is noted to have held a special grudge against immigrants. In some incidents, women are reported to have given birth while still chained onto their beds.

The issues had been highlighted by several other media but little action was being taken to correct the situation. Joe Arpaio grabbed the opportunity to use his powers as the county sheriff to frustrate the media and the two journalists in particular. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Arpaio is Defiant

Joe Arpaio operated as if he was the law unto himself. He had been warned and notified regarding which ones of the actions he took were within the provisions of the law and which ones were breaching the same.

Joe ignored all legal counsel including the advice of District Judge Murray Snow who, in 2011, informed the sheriff that detaining immigrants based on suspicion only was infringing on their rights.

The Career Life of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a successful entrepreneur and an American equity investor. He is also a sports team owner and has co-founded a vast number of firms that have grown tremendously since their establishment. The renowned investor studied at the University of Oregon, where he acquired his B.S in finance and business administration in 1984. Wes has shown a great dedication towards his investments and his admirable leadership skills have seen him lead his team of employees towards accomplishing the best. He has been highly amended for his major contributions to the business sector and he recently received accreditation from the New York Times magazine for his career achievements.

Wes started his career in the late 1980`s at the Lehman Brothers firm where he served as the administrative director as well as the partner of the firm. He later moved to BlackRock`s firm, which was based on asset management before moving and taking up his role at the Fortress group.Wes has exercised diversity since the beginning of his career and besides establishing his entrepreneurial firms; he has also launched a number of sports teams that have gained a great reputation across the globe. Among the major teams that Wes co owns include the National Basketball Association (NBA), Milwaukee Bucks, among others. The various sports teams that he has launched together with other co-founders have brought fan to many youths besides helping the grow their talent.

Wes is pleased with the great successes and growth marked by the teams and he has always strived to motivate his team of players to put a great effort towards accomplishing their set goals.Wes Edens is also a determined towards nurturing the talents of young people and he has always set some time aside to help all interested individuals discover their hidden abilities. Through the motivation he gives to his players, Wes has seen a vast number of them emerge as the world’s stars, a step that has motivated them to keep working harder for success.Wes has always aimed for the best and besides co-founding the Fortress Group, he has strived to help the firm grow through the acquisition of other firms. The Fortress Group recently acquired the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million and together with his partner Marc Lasry, Wes looks forward to growing the team into one of the best in the world. The two will maintain the tram in Wisconsin.

The Establishment of Fortress Investment Group, its Success and the Acquisition

Whether an individual is a novice investor or an emerging investor, it can be difficult to create a viable investment strategy alongside overseeing investment; particularly as the portfolio becomes more diverse. For that reason, many investors seek investment advice from a third party. While not all investment advisors are equal, it is clear that when it comes to guiding clients through their unique financial expertise, they offer excellent services. As illustrated by Fortress Investment Group, a sound investment advisor must possess vast experience in the relevant field.

The Establishment of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 with the conjoined efforts of like-minded individuals. The leading, highly diversified international investment manager is in charge of approximately $36.1 billion assets. Over and above, the company manages assets for more than 1,700 institutional and private investors globally across different sectors including credit, real estate, permanent capital investment strategies as well as private equity.

 Values and Ethics

The productivity of Fortress Investment Group is highly appended to a strong ethical culture. As such, the company has always been able to safeguard client’s assets. Alongside employees who abide by these ethics, Fortress has succeeded in protecting clients’ assets as employees have generally avoided corrupting assets by ensuring that they observe integrity. Because of their shared values, the company strives to generate low-risk investment strategies for increased returns for investors. Consequently, in late 2017, the company had about 969 asset management workers, including 200 investment experts, at the central office in New York City.

Working at Fortress Investment Group

Without a doubt, a healthy workplace is a recipe for success as it could lead to the increase in sales. Alongside a peaceful environment that improves productivity, Fortress Investment Group is recognized as an equal employer that has mastered the art of creating a value-adding environment for its people. Over the years, the company has nurtured its employees to deliver impeccable results.

Softbank Group Finalizes the Acquisition Deal

First announced in late 2017, Japanese’ Softbank Group finalized its acquisition deal of Fortress Investment Group. With underway plans to expand its asset portfolio, the management decided to poach Fortress Investment Group for one major reason; there is an incoming technology project that must be controlled by experts. In the transaction, all factors including the business model, the team leaders, project managers and impending transactions remain constant.

More into the Acquisition

Softbank agreed to acquire Fortress for $3.3 billion. From then, the top executives have discussed multiple investments linked to the financial sector including the acquisition of major corporations in private equity-like KKR & Co.

The Outline

Perhaps the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank will grow the company as initially, the firm managed various companies including Canadian Ski Resort, one of America’s leading ski resort operator. In 2006, the company transacted with RailAmerica. While their changes in leadership structure, it is clear that Fortress will continue to register excellent performance in time. To maintain the performance standards , the company’s co-principals have been retained.

Richard Dwayne Blair Provides Financial Planning Expertise

Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions has been helping his clients develop long-term financial plans that cover all of life’s contingencies. He specializes in retirement planning and wealth management in the greater Austin, Tx. area where he’s been located since 1994. He has developed a great deal of expertise over the years and his credentials are impeccable. His experience and outstanding service highly recommend him to new clients.

At Wealth Solutions Blair has developed an incisive method that puts a strong foundation in place for his clients. He develops comprehensive financial plans as he works closely with the client and their particular situation. His approach is called the Three Pillars and it covers key concepts for investing and preparing for retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair has become adept at helping his clients determine their financial roadmap. This important First Pillar entails ascertaining a client’s risk tolerance and their primary goals. He also takes into consideration their strengths and identifies opportunities for growth. Furthermore, a lasting relationship is built during this phase.

Long-term investing is an important piece of the puzzle and this makes up the Second Pillar. This customized plan is married with the customer’s personal goals and liquidity needs. Blair has seen many market cycles and knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em so to speak. He is able to help the client maximize their market gains when conditions are good. He is also able to quickly adjust their portfolio when the market trends are negative. His active management can help clients fulfill their goals more quickly.

Careful monitoring of his client’s financial plans comprises the Third Pillar. Performance is routinely tracked after the plans are put in place and logical comparisons are made. This may include client expectations, investment models, and historical data as well.

Richard Dwayne Blair has found inspiration in serving individuals, small business owners, and families. He founded Wealth Solutions with this in mind and seeks to make a positive impact in their lives.

Another strong influence on Blair has been the teachers in his family. Following in their footsteps, his desire to teach happens in the financial world.


About Ricardo Tosto; His Educational Background and Career Path

Ricardo Tosto is the founding Partner of Leite Tosto and Barros. He is a trained lawyer with experience in representing banking clients and others in business cases. Ricardo built his legal firm from scratch to one of the top ones in Brazil. Tosto has represented clients in money laundering cases and won them. In one of the outstanding ones, he successfully defended a Swiss firm to be acquitted of the allegations of money laundering. He has also represented top politicians and organizations. Ricardo Tosto has also represented individuals and organizations pro bono.

Leite Tosto and Barros

The firm was the first ever to represent clients in a class suit. So far, Brazil has come to be renowned for its many class suits. The firm has maintained honorable practice and has severally been at the forefront of legal reforms aimed at helping Brazil attain justice for all. Mr. Ricardo Tosto was generous with the lawyers that joined his firm as trainees. Many of the trainees later became associates in the firm.

Ricardo Tosto Dissects the Resource Repatriation Law

Ricardo Tosto thinks that the law offers a great opportunity for the legal teams from the countries involved to make the process smoother. He says that such an exchange facilitated by the law will help to make documentation easier; since there will be a free flow of information. It is likely to expedite the process of repatriation of resources. Ricardo is also supported by the top lawyers at Milk, Tosto, and Barros. Gil Vicente of William Advogados and Associates also thinks that the law as is crafted will bring Brazilian and foreign lawyers closer. Vicente argues that implementing the law involves forging technical partnerships that will ensure that procedures and actions that require particular legal adherence from the countries involved to be dealt with expeditiously.

Possibility of Leniency

In subjecting the law to litmus test analysis, Ricardo warns that while the law has all the great elements of helping to make repatriation of assets faster, it also allows for clemency and a level of legal leniency to the offenders. He observes that the law provides the possibility of acquittal for crimes such as misconduct, tax evasion, and money laundering. Click here

Jed McCaleb: The Innovative Founder Of Steller

Blockchain companies are the new face of the financial industry, and people like Jed McCaleb are at the forefront of the technological boom that the industry is currently experiencing. As the founder of the Stellar project and Mt. Gox Exchange, McCaleb has proven to be someone changing the face of cryptocurrencies and the manner in which they work.


Cryptocurrencies have always been something that McCaleb knew a lot about. This was an industry which he had started getting into in the beginning when it first started to make its way onto the internet. He learned the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies and knew that this was something that could change the course of the financial industry, and the monetized world in the process.


In a recent interview with Chronicle Week, McCaleb outlined how since the beginning, he knew that cryptocurrencies were something that would change the way payments were being made and would alter the financial companies that currently exist. He outlined how people were used to traditional modes of currencies like dollars and euros, and how they were used to a divide among currencies across different countries. However, with the growth of the internet and the breaking down of barriers, the need for a uniform currency that isn’t governed by a single nation is becoming more and more popular.


Currently, McCaleb serves as the founder of Steller, a platform that allows the creation of new tokens and blockchains. This has become one of the most popular blockchain platforms currently on the market and has grown to become an incredibly well-known name in the industry. McCaleb states that his reason for starting up Steller was the change needed within the financial sector, and the need to implement new structures within it.


The reason Steller has become such a popular name is that of the security that one gets when they are using the platform. Often, people who are investing into cryptocurrencies face the issue of getting illegal or fake currencies, which is something that Steller is looking to minimize. The platform might be a little more complicated than what regular cryptocurrency buyers are used to, but the additional layers of protection make the program a lot safer, and a lot better.