Unfranchise: Why Start a Part-time Business?

There are many reasons to consider owning your own business, including additional income, debt reduction, time freedom, and early retirement. The Unfranchise Business through Shop.com offers the stability of twenty years of steady financial growth, an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau and a solid business system with training and support worldwide. Market America is a global product brokerage and Internet Marketing company, centered on one-to-one marketing. Owning an Unfranchise business through Shop.com allows you to start your own online shopping centered business with your own shopping annuity.

The Network of entrepreneurs are economically connected and earn cash back on goods and services affiliated with the network, which has presence in over 190 countries worldwide. All products and services are tested and backed by peer research. Some markets include Health management, Weight management, Age management, Financial Services and Internet Services. This diversity allows for short term and long term profitability.

When you establish an UnFranchise business, you receive a Shop.com site. The one stop shop site offers unlimited shopping ability. The company pays you and your customers cash back on anything you purchase on the site. You will earn an additional .5% on purchases made by your referrals.

In a traditional 45 year working life, 95% of people spend their lives making money for the top 5% of people. Of this five percent,three out of four own their own business. The UnFranchise business will help you reach your goals with just 8 to 10 hours a week. Like a franchise, Market America provides the branding but without the franchise fees. You earn cash back from yours and your referral purchases. You earn 30-50% gross profits from your base of preferred customers and you earn from developing two teams of owners like yourself.


Dabie Tsai Pinpoints the Future of Accounting

Every day, people working in accounting get to witness the enthralling technological advancement in the industry and its tremendous impact on business. Long gone are the days when technology was burgeoning, with numerous paper ledgers giving way to compact spreadsheet. These spreadsheets got more advanced, and professionals could share content in the cloud, enhancing the ability to make better and more informed decisions and anticipate the future.

These technological advances and globalization have brought immense changes in the accounting world, including the skill sets required for this career. To fully understand these dynamics, we sought advice from Dabie Tsai, an expert in the world of accounting and auditing. Thanks to her former role as an audit partner with KPMG, an advisory, tax, and auditing firm, she has worked with a global client base. Because of her extensive experience, Tsai has some comments about the future of the industry:

Potential for Office Automation

Generally, increased automation lowers the number of staff needed. Machines will take over remedial tasks and allow accountants like Dabie Tsai focus on higher level work that requires expert judgment. This will enable smooth transition into utilizing artificial intelligence procedures in their work, which will positively impact the workplace.


Globalization, a major trend in today’s accounting world, has allowed major accounting firms to work in various countries with different cultures and practices. A professional accountant should have the ability to adapt to a range of environments and demands. Dabie Tsai says that accustoming oneself to different daily life rhythms and new workplace cultures inevitably teaches and modifies a person to fit and succeed in various places.

Engagement in the Workplace

Tsai says that one major contributor to career advancement is the degree at which you interact with workmates. This way, an individual can mentor talent and expand his or her professional network. In Tsai’s case, she has exemplified her involvement to a high degree, with an extreme desire to help others; this has seen her assume leadership positions in many organizations and initiatives.

More interesting facts about Tsai´s career at http://blogwebpedia.com/dabie-tsai-former-kpmg-partner.html

Safe and Secure Fund Transfers with Allied Wallet

Allied wallet is one of the easiest ways to give and receive money from all over the world. They are slowly entering many countries to help with their commerce. How you are able to send and receive payments is via electronically. This company started in 2002 (Yahoo).

Allied wallet makes sure to go the extra mile with a state of the art encryption process, making sure that you transfer is done safely. They take your funds and your business very seriously. They have 24 hour customer service available for any questions, concerns or complaints that you might have. When you transfer funds to someone there is a small fee. An international transaction is 1.95% of the total cost you are transferring, plus 10 cents. If you are just transferring within the United Kingdom or European country it is 1% of the total cost that you are transferring, plus 10 cents. If you transfer funds with Allied serves within 196 countries and they are adding to that list often. The most recent country that they have started to offer services in is South Korea. They realize that technology is expanding and the need is there to safely be able to send funds all over the world. For this reason they are looking for more countries to offer their service with.

It makes sense to transfer electronically due to many countries have fast internet speeds, allowing for quicker and more secure transactions. Allied Wallet makes sure to keep your information, as well as who you are sending it to safe and secure. There are also no hidden fees with this company, so right up front you know exactly how much you are paying. Allied wallet also is the first to win the international rights to transact renminbi online, which has helped them get a good amount of the Asian population on with them.

More information about Allied´s online payment servies at https://www.alliedwallet.com/

Isabel Dos Santos Goes an Extra Mile to Empower African Women

Isabel Dos Santos is one successful entrepreneur with a big heart who has been listed by Forbes as the 7th richest woman in Africa with a net worth of about two billion US dollars. Having lived in England, her popularity has grown worldwide for her philanthropic efforts. Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of the longest serving Angolan former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Dos Santos attributes the success of Africa’s top entrepreneurs to the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit. However, the entrepreneurial spirit has almost been brought to its knees because of the stigmatization of women at the workplace. This has robbed the continent and better yet, the world best-in class investors. Isabel Dos Santos strives to rally for same education, potential growth and job opportunities as men for women. She is dedicated to the course of changing the norm and impart a national confidence in women.

Isabel Dos Santos believes in slow but steady growth otherwise coined as “First the seed, then the future”. The women’s economic freedom will be achieved through providing training, creating jobs, as well as breaking sexist stigmas and ultimately, women will be to achieve increased financial stability.

Growing up, Isabel Dos Santos attended Cobham Hall for her earlier education in England before proceeding to King’s College where she earned her electrical engineering degree. Today, Dos Santos’s philanthropy revolves around her interests and goals of promoting integrity and hard work. Isabel Dos believes that a single individual can make a big difference and therefore, she seeks for equality for everyone to be bring out the best in themselves.

She conversed with students at the University of Warwick and she was particularly attracted to a young woman who was eager to accomplish her ambitions. Isabel dos Santos seeks to empower the next generation of leaders throughout Angola and Africa at large. She told the young businesswoman that it is not enough to have goals, it is imperative to come up with a series of subgoals that will lead you to your goal. She often gives speeches in various platforms geared towards encouraging young entrepreneurs and business people to not relent in their efforts to succeed. She is particularly attracted to the notion of digitization and she believes there are many opportunities for women rising from technology and artificial intelligence.

More information about Dos Santos´career at http://www.yaapd.org/keynote-speakers/

Article Title: EOS Lip Balm Shimmers and Shines

Article Text:

EOS Lip Balm makes sure that your lips are moist, not dry. It is a 100% natural lip balm and will keep your lips moist and supple. The special ingredients that help keep your lips soft and moist are rich cocoa and butter balm. Unlike other lip balms that make you feel like your lips are made of wax, EOS Lip Balms are wax-free and include nourishing oils. Your lips will feel amazingly soft and supple and you’ll see a wonderful shimmering shine. If you catch a cold and your lips get sore and chapped there is also medicated lip balm that will instantly give your lips relief from pain. Women just love it that these lip balms come in various flavors which make them lip-smacking good.

EOS has come up with a jazzy new type of exclusively inspired packaging in a deep red tone. Lip balm comes in the EOS iconic package that is sphere-shaped and in the signature color that is a deep cherry red. The packaging includes the company logo and a lip-shaped graphic in place of the previous lettering. This new packaging was inspired by the partnering organization that has joined with EOS to please women and girls everywhere. They are now able to buy qualitative lip balm in an eye-dazzling new package that is sure to please.

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Gino Pozzo: Succeeding In the Soccer Industry

Gino Pozzo, the owner of Watford, is one of the most talked about figures in the sporting world today. He is known for moving lower-division football clubs from the bottom positions to the top leagues in their respective countries. He was born in Italy to Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, who were passionate about sports. He was also related to the former presidents of Udinese Calcio Football Club through his mother and has since maintained the loyalty to the club to date. Gino moved to the United States at the age of 18 years for a Masters at Harvard University and later to Spain after getting married. He lived in Barcelona for 20 years with his family before moving to London in 2013 to focus on the day to day operations of Watford.

The Pozzo family purchased Watford in 2012 when the club was heavily indebted and struggling to get to the top from the Fourth Division. They were positive about the potential of the club and convinced that the club would move to the top. Gino was a fan of English football and considered it to be a completely different experience. The family was named in 2015 as the European Soccer’s Ascendant Family for being the first family to own football clubs in Italy, Spain, and England.

In 2015, the three football clubs owned by the Pozzo family were participating in the top competitions in their respective countries. Watford had successfully moved from the Fourth Division to the premier league four years later. In 2016, Gino Pozzo decided to sell his shares at the Granada FC, Italy based club, to Jiang Lizhang to concentrate more on Udinese and Watford. The football industry is worth much and running it requires investment motives as much as it does passion. The Pozzo family seems to be aware of this and continues to make more significant moves towards profitability.

Find out more about Gino Pozzo: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/gino-pozzo

Brief History of the Global Financial Crisis and SEC

The global financial crisis of the 2000’s resulting in part from the collapse of the Lehman Brothers bank is something that the world is still experiencing the vestiges of fallout from. The largest bankruptcy by any company in United States history and gave rise to the phrase “too big to fail” in regards to corporations so ingrained into the economic system that their failure would result in a catastrophic domino effect.

Predatory lending became a standard of not just Lehman Brothers but several banking institutions in the US as lax regulations allowed. More homeowners were being loaned money and the bundling of sub-prime mortgages into mortgage backed securities allowed the banks to give out riskier loans. In addition to the mortgage backed securities the American government also encouraged banks to loan to lower income families as part of the CRA or Community Reinvestment Act. As more families bought houses the price of housing in general went up and those low-income families had to take higher and higher loans. This lead to higher delinquency rates and higher default rates. This all came to a head in 2008 when Lehman filed for bankruptcy.

This bankruptcy resulted in a bailout of several banks in the United States and abroad however that did not stop the plummeting of stocks. Six hundred billion dollars was created by the federal reserve as an injection into the banking system. Several regulations and regulations were enacted to police these risky practices in the future and this is where the SEC Whistleblower law firm comes into place.

The SEC Whistleblower program was created in response to this crisis to allow employees a safe outlet in which to report security law violations. It was enacted as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection act of 2010. Coming off the heels of the Bernard Madoff scandal in regards to his Ponzi scheme the SEC is not just concerned with the housing market that started the financial crisis of 2008 but also looks at other dishonest and illegal financial transgressions. Things the SEC Whistleblower program are looking for are things like Ponzi Schemes, price manipulation and insider trading. It gives incentives to report these activities for a reward of 10-30% of any monetary sanctions.

It is able to receive tips anonymously to prevent retaliation against any whistle-blowers. Employers are not able to fire, suspend, demote or in any way affect the current employment of the whistle-blower. One does not have to work for the organization in question in order to submit a tip to the SEC. All that is necessary is voluntary first-hand knowledge of a violation occurring in the past, present or future. Things that are public knowledge are not considered for the SEC.

The SEC has been able to acquire over 1.4 billion dollars since its founding and has proven to be a great success in punishing those violating security law. It is a very important part of protecting American consumers from predatory financial practices. It ensures anyone that comes forward with information regarding is protected and rewarded in order to encourage more people to come forward with information and help curb corruption in the financial sector.

Chris Burch Elite Traveler Recap

Chris Burch is someone who is very dedicated towards helping others strive in their businesses. He brings forth his experience towards other companies, giving them some insight into what needs to be done to manage and maintain a better finance in their business. Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and in his company he has definitely done a lot when it comes to giving back to the areas of where his business thrives in. Chris Burch currently co-owns Nihi Sumba Island with his fellow employee James Mcbride. Since 2012, this company has been known as the best hotel in the world, and has brought forth positive feedback towards clients and tourists that come visit this area. Due to his passion and experience in this type of field, he has also partnered with Ellen Degeneres, which is someone who is famous for her talk show host, has helped launch her lifestyle brand called ED. He has brought forth nothing but successful projects when it comes to an investment, and Chris Burch is known to be one of the highest paying billionaires in the world. One of his best qualities that he does is ask a series of questions, and what motivates and drives people, and when he figures this out, he then somehow relates the situation to himself. He tends to try to connect with people on an emotional level that he then uses in the marketplace so he can understand the person.

How Dr. Jennifer Walden Uses Instagram To Advertise Her Clinics

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon who has owned clinics in Austin, Texas, and New York, New York. She started out at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she worked for seven and a half years. She then opened a private practice just outside Austin in Westlake Hills. She now owns and operates Skintology MedSpa in New York City as well as continuing her practice in Texas. She has made many media appearances over the years. Dr. Jennifer Walden has appeared on the covers of magazines like Texas MD and Austin MD.

She has also been brought in as an expert on plastic surgery and has provided commentary on national networks like Fox News, ABC News, Dr 90210, VH1, and E. She also co-authored a book for use in university’s of medicine which is “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery“. Dr. Jennifer Walden advertises her cosmetic surgery practices using Instagram. She has many photos showing what services they can get at her MedSpa clinics and photos of her employees and patients. One of her most popular services is fat removal using technology such as SculpSure.

Another popular service according to her Instagram account is work on people’s lips. Dr. Jennifer Walden can craft full lips, heavy upper lips, heavy lower lips, cupid-bow lips, and more. She also injects Botox and Juvederm Voluma. She also has giveaways on her Instagram accounts. This includes membership giveaways to her clinics. She offers a free consultation to people at her clinics and will run specials on her account such as 20 percent off all injectables.

Stream Energy Is Always Eager To Help Those Who Are In Need

Stream Energy has always been quick to give back to those in need, and philanthropy is a big part of the company. And, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and many people lost their homes and possessions, Patch says that Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step in and give them the help that they needed. It has partnered up with several other charities to get people the help they need, and it gave more than money, as it made sure that everyone had what they needed to get back on their feet through volunteering, as well. The company has been partnered with Habitat for Humanity and The American Red Cross for years, and it helped both of those organizations during that time.

Stream Energy has many loyal clients, and it is able to give back in such a big way because of how popular its energy services are. It provides its services around the country, and it gives back not only to its state of Texas but also to the country as a whole. It has partnered with Hope Supply Co., which is an organization that helps homeless children. Stream Energy gave to the organization so that homeless children could spend a day as normal kids at a water park.

Stream Energy has also given back in many other ways, and it has made sure that veterans know how much it appreciates them by sending some of them out for a meal. It also sent some veterans on a date with their daughters. The organization doesn’t just believe in giving back through money, and many of its employees are eager to meet the people they are serving and to help them in any way that they can. The company prides itself in having a heart for those in need, and all of those who are employed by it know that.