OSI Industries Continues To Show Why It Is Such A Global Force In The Food Industry:

World-leading food distribution giant OSI Industries has followed a solid business plan of strategic expansion through upgrades, acquisitions and partnerships in order to gain its current standing in the world of food wholesale. The Aurora, Illinois based operation has expanded massively since the 1970s under the leadership of long-time CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin. Going from a regional food distribution firm to a global one located in seventeen different countries has been accomplished under his watchful eye. Recent expansions for OSI has ramped up over the past five years and has included massive moves in the company’s domestic operations as well as its international operations. Europe has been of particular focus for OSI during this time period.

In 2016, OSI made a massive move in its domestic market. This move was in the company’s own backyard of Chicago, Illinois. The company added the former Tyson plant to its list of processing facilities in order to dramatically increase its ability to service its customers. Customer service has been the number one factor that OSI has focussed on over its long history in order to gain success.

OSI Industries has also sought to dramatically upgrade its footprint in Europe over the past five years. 2016 was a big year for the company as it acquired two of the top food distribution firms in Europe – Flagship Europe and Baho Food. The value that these firms have added to OSI Industries is paying some huge dividends. That same year the company’s operations in Toledo, Spain were greatly upgraded in order to increase production. this was done in response to the huge increase in demand for chicken that the company experienced in Portugal and Spain.

All of these recent acquisitions and improvements have been very pleasing to the OSI Industries leaders Sheldon Lavin and company President David McDonald. The leadership at OSI Industries is also dedicated to charitable activity. The company is a fervent supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Sheldon Lavin also was the recipient of the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award back in 2016.

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