OSI Group – Global Food Supplier with Top Food Brands as their Clients

OSI Group has achieved enormous success in the last few decades in the food and meat processing industry. The success of the company can be attributed to its focus on modern technology and innovation. Even though the company has been around for over hundred years, it has been able to hold the monopoly in the food and meat processing industry because of its ability to adapt to the changing food industry and quickly so. The company started off as a butcher shop and a wholesale meat market, which continued to grow at an unprecedented rate under the leadership of its founder Otto Kolschowsky. The company was the first supplier of McDonalds, and they have an association with many McDonalds stores until today.

However, the company witnessed a massive surge of progress when the company was taken over by one of its board member, Sheldon Lavin, who has been involved with the company for many years as its financial advisor and guarantor. OSI Group has one of the largest networks in terms of supply chain management today and has partners across the globe to ensure that it is able to service its huge list of clients. Some of the major food services and retail food chains trust them for delivering its processed meat and food products requirements.

If your business is looking for a reliable provider of processed meat and food products that are made to order as per your specifics in a consistent manner, rest assured that the company would not disappoint you. The company’s turnover has been increasing year after year in the last few years and has reached over $3 billion, which has made it to the Forbes list of one of the largest private companies in the United States. OSI Group has been built on the hard work of its employees. They are provided with the flexibility to do the jobs they want as long as they are able to get results. They are also compensated well to ensure that they concentrate on getting things done rather than thinking about how they will run their households.

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