OSI GROUP: A Leader in Production

It is not often consumers consider the infrastructure behind most fast-food chains or grocery stores. All they know is that they stand in line, place an order an voila. However, many things are happening behind the scenes that ensures that the burger is always where it is supposed to be.

What started out as a family owned meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, OSI Group since become the largest supplier of retail food products to many companies including McDonalds. As a matter of fact, that is exactly where the company got its start, supplying fresh beef to a new chain of fast food restaurants.

Fast forward a couple of years and we find that not only has OSI Group continued to be the number one supplier to McDonalds, it has since become the number one supplier to most of the world. Throughout the early part of the companies history, they expanded not only across the United States, but had made their way into China by 1991. There expansion has not ceased as present day finds them taking possession of many smaller operations such as Baho Food in Germany and Rose Packing Company in the United States.

Not only has the company remained on the cutting edge of technology, but they have embraced their uniquely diverse culture. While their technology has allowed them to grow, it is the culture of the people the organization prizes and takes care of. They understand that without the people pushing towards success, they would not have made it this far.

This combination has lead to a diverse product line that comes from all over the world. From the Americanized chicken nuhttps://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/17665897 gget to the Mediterranean flavors of their Panini and flat bread sandwiches. The company certainly has a bead on what it takes to make it’s internal and external customers very happy.

OSI, wisely uses this information as a way to continue to improve the processes it takes to make the array of food products it provides. It is this ingenuity that has been a key to it’s past success and will continue to drive them forward. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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