OSI Food Solutions Is Extending Its Reach Globally

The world’s largest food supplier OSI Food Solutions is not about to slow down with its expansion plans any time soon. The company supplies its value added foods in 17 countries around the world and the number of its facilities has reached 65. Its impact in the world economy is also significant having created employment opportunities for about 20,000 people in various countries. OSI Food Solutions has also earned recognition as one of the largest private companies in the United States of America. OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909 and at the time, it was just a small meat market in Illinois. Despite the tremendous growth it has achieved over the years, it has still retained its headquarters in this state when its journey began.

Its partnership with McDonald’s which was established in 1955 has been a contributing factor to its growth and success. Since McDonald started operating, OSI Food Solutions has always been its supplier of best meat products and other foods. As OSI Food Solutions has been expanding its operations it has become necessary to create other business relationships, and so far it has established joint ventures with numerous poultry processing facilities, farms, processing plants and warehouses. It expansion endeavors are in the efforts of becoming the premier global food supplier to the leading food brands in the whole of Europe, America, and other continents.

It has already started entering Asia and has a couple of operational facilities in India, the Philippines, and China. In order to meet the growing demand for its meat products, OSI has been aggressively expanding in America, Europe, and China. This has seen its sales reach an all-time high and as a result, the company’s profitability is at impressive levels. Although it is not possible to predict the market that they will be entering next, what is guaranteed is that OSI is about to become more powerful. It also uses the expansion strategy to introduce other healthy food products to its portfolio. It has also been diligent in showing support to environmental sustainability through various initiatives such as ensuring to reduce the electricity consumption levels of its facilities. Click here.

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