Nicolas Krafft Helps L’Oreal Celebrate Annual Show In French Capital

When people think of beauty and fashion, L’Oreal Paris is one of the first and highest inclusions for any list. L’Oreal has spent decades holding fashion shows around the world that show their own level of extravagance in the beauty industry. In late 2018, L’Oreal Paris was able to host its annual fashion and beauty show with the added twist of being on the river Sienes floating catwalk. Not only did a number of the fashion and beauty industry’s biggest stars attend the show, but it was unique in that the event was entirely open to the public to fulfill a commitment that L’Oreal has made to become more accessible.

This was the second time L’Oreal was able to host its fashion show on a floating catwalk, which featured all new looks on women from all different backgrounds on the center stage. L’Oreal wants to bring beauty and fashion to everyone and make it accessible for anyone, which is why they have taken stances behind diversity and open shows. Accessibility is a strong driver for company growth as more people feel encouraged to participate in events and invest in L’Oreal through some form.

Company growth is certainly fantastic, but more importantly, L’Oreal is spreading a good image for themselves and the fashion industry as a whole, Nicolas Krafft is at the forefront of brand management, and it has become his mission to take positives steps on behalf of the company to generate new opportunities for people inside and outside of the company. Nicolas Krafft has dedicated a huge portion of his career to the L’Oreal brand, helping them build awareness through expert marketing to stay above the fierce competition. As the company Vice President, Nicolas Krafft undertakes heavy roles in brand management and creating worldwide brand awareness. Fashion and beauty on such a grand scale take expert leadership in order to flourish in ever-changing environments, which Nicolas Krafft has spent the last two decades perfecting.

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