Marc Sparks – Why Having Only Ideas Doesn’t Work

Business needs ideas and ideas need intellectual beings. The number one attribute that investors who are professionals look for before investing in a business is the entrepreneur(s) behind it. For them, the personnel needs to take the business from an idea to a valuable entity. It is only then that they will consider the idea worthy of investment. So, if an entrepreneur thinks that he or she has a better idea and potential investors will throng that idea, they are living in a different world.

Basically for an entrepreneur who is too lazy to put his or her ideas into action, staying far away from a business path is the best thing to do. Here are some telltale sign whether or not you are a lazy entrepreneur:

– You have an idea and you want to sell it;
– You have an idea and you want someone to implement it without involving you;
– You have an idea and you think it will eventually make you rich;
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you are indeed lazy.

An aspiring entrepreneur has a great idea and wants to implement it in the long run. He or she is so obsessed with the idea that that is all they think about. Now it is great to have a passion for a business, but obsessing over it without doing any further research is simply a waste of time. Such people want to leave a mark on society but do not want to go through all the painful tasks of bringing that idea into reality soon. Having a business idea is all they have been doing for a long time. They never get into business model or customer needs and never do the required research on that idea. They just think that if they got a great idea, everyone will appreciate for it.

There is a clear difference between having a great idea and running a business. Take for example, Marc Sparks who is also known as “serial entrepreneur”. Marc always had a passion for business and many ideas growing up in Austin Texas. In addition, he had the zest to put his ideas into action. He did so after graduating from high-school. He opened many companies that showcased his ideas and plans. He became successful in many of the ventures he took. Now, Marc Sparks wants others to learn from his experiences through his books. On the other hand, there are lot of entrepreneurs who think that their ideas are going to fetch customers when in fact they aren’t. A business that offers lots of products and services that aren’t actually needed by customers is an example of an obsessed idea. This type of business is particularly an issue in people who want to be creative without actually considering whether or not there is a market for their fruits of creativity.

The moral of all these stories is, having an idea alone isn’t enough to run a business successfully. If you are obsessed with an idea, you need to satisfy the actual customer needs or want it in a way that will generate some revenue.

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