Making Rocketship Education Relevant In Public Schools

Among the newest and boldest approaches in public education now going into its fifth year of development is the platform known as “rocketship education” (RE). Based on the philosophy that children of diverse backgrounds deserve quality education regardless of the parental background, it’s made up of several benchmark features that make it worthy of consideration by public school educators across board. They are:

1- Understanding A Student’s Unique Needs

Knowing that each student and family has special needs, annual visits to the home are rendered vital to this (RE)program. Changing the dynamics to one where the home itself presents the optimal opportunity for developing a much stronger relationship among students, teachers and parents sets the stage for better more cohesion in the classroom.

2- Putting Parents In The Driver’s Seat

Involving parents in community interaction at all levels as they advocate for better quality educational standards, is a foundational mindset in RE platforms.

3- A Wide Open Door Policy

Offering Rocketship Education to children of all ethnicities, race, class or creed, RE stresses not leaving the student’s community to obtain a better and higher standard of learning. As one African-American teacher stated, “The first people that should have been integrated were the teachers and administration.”

4- The Failing Of An Ineffectual Progressive Platform

In the past, the progressive educational movement failed to address the hypocrisy of progressive people who say one thing, yet do the opposite as they send their own wealthy children elsewhere other than where indicated for more disadvantaged children.

5- How Far The Parent Engagement

Hiring practices need to be fine-tuned so that educators in the rocketship program are more aligned with the RE mindset. That being said, parents need to form part of the “inclusive” process in which they to help select the teachers that will teach their children–before the actual classes start. In other words, RE invites parents to actually engage the teachers in job interviews thus forming an integral part of the program.

However, not all teachers embrace the rocketship educational platform–even as some parents.

Other school districts during the 1990s, went as far as having parents interview some of the principals and staff members which turned off some parents as being too invasive and a job better left to professional educators.

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