Luke Lazarus Puts Entrepreneurial Startups thru Optimization Analysis Training

Deliberation and Preparation

Luke Lazarus has two particular activities he puts his startup businesses thru during his time with them.

First, he analyzes many of the startup’s previous works like business plans and mission statement. Secondly, Luke Lazarus uses a practical approach in addition to the analytical method of teaching.

Lazarus has his startup teams role-play situations to develop a mindset of how to make an actual pitch with an investor. Also, an organization may think about how they will make valuable connections with their targeted consumers.

Analyzing Practical Data

To understand what a startup is about and how they see themselves Luke Lazarus spends some time analyzing their business plan since the entire concept and business execution is expected to be in the business plan.

Market Analysis

  • Industry – analysis-knowing the competitive environment.
  • Target – Analysis-who are your customers?
  • Competitive – Analysis-who will you be competiting with?

Undergoing a Market Analysis

To fully understand the business plan, Luke Lazarus may spend some time to hear how the startup sees itself among its competitors, and this is the reason for the market analysis. The Market analysis fo the business plan looks at three essential qualities of the business idea.

The market analysis begins with a startup understanding where they are situated within the entire market thru the SCI code. IF they are making bakery goods, they would be labeled SIC 2050. The SIC gives a scope to the startup so they can address their strategies and plans to meet a specific type or group of competitors.

Know your competitors

Sometimes it is not enough to know your competitors exist, but a startup needs to know how they live and in what relation to their service or product they will compete with them. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Office

For Luke Lazarus to succeed in preparing his startups, he needs to understand how they hope to penetrate the market and how they will get thru the obstacles their rivals will give to them.

Market analysis is essential for many reasons, and addressing the designated market depends upon identifying it and placing their product and service within its proper designation. If you are making sweet pies, you don’t expect to compete with the bagel industry nor attempt to reach the soft pie consumer with a bagel advertisement.

Market analysis shows the startup has a clear understanding of their competitors strengths and weaknesses. A SWOT analysis will allow a company to see its strengths and weaknesses, but to understand its competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, a different type of study will be necessary.

Luke Lazarus has had to carry out all these market analysis hundreds of times in his 20 years as a business leader as well as a business consultant and can confidently lead his startup teams thru this analysis with insight and confident recommendations for their applications.

Empowering Startup Businesses

Thru such analysis as Market analysis and business plan analysis, Luke Lazarus put the power back into the startup by having a practical and peer-related knowledge of their own and their competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

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