Lovaganza Announcement: Could Lovaganza Makes New York City Labor Day Parade Look Small?

When most people think of a multicultural event NYC Melting Pot comes to mind with it’s exciting labor day parade, where many cultures meet together and celebrate cultural diversity in NYC from all around the West Indies and Caribbean. We usually see participants from the Caribbean and West Indies congregate together on Eastern Parkway to share in their cultural pride and diversity on academycreative.com. They do this in music, dance, costumes, floats, food drinks and in pretty much every way imaginable.

If you have ever attended the NYC Labor Day Parade,you have had the pleasure of partaking in the beautiful cultures of the West Indies and the Caribbean. You may have seen participants in mascaraed from various cultures such as Bahamas, Trinidad, Haiti, Martinique, Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil, St.Lucia, St. Vincent’s, St. Croix, St Kitts and Nevis Virgin Islands, to name a few. Many from these nations lovingly refer to the NYC Labor Day Parade as Carnival which is what the endearing participants from overseas call this big celebration.

LOVAGANZA is going to include all of the cultures of the world and nations of the world in one place which is going to be extraordinary. So it will be a melting pot of Asians, Europeans , Africans, West Indians, Caribbean, Americans, and people from every part of the world possible.

Imagine the labor Day parade on steroids and you have just imagined LOVAGANZA. Beginning in 2017, LOVAGANZA is kicking off their Road Shows that they are using as a catalyst to bring attention to the Biggest Multicultural event on the earth, scheduled to take place in 2020.

Every nation and every culture is invited to participate in an effort to share cultural diversity with the world at large. My guess is that LOVAGANZA is an event that is going to be at least a minimum of one week long. Many people will want to plan their vacations around this major event so as not to miss out on what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If this is the first time you are hearing about LOVAGANZA and you are eager to participate or attend, keep a close eye out for more upcoming events that will lead up to the bigger Lovaganza event coming in 2020. I encourage you to also sign up for their email reminders that they will send to those on their email list to keep us all updated.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://celebmafia.com/marie-ange-casta-the-lovaganza-convoy-part-2-the-prophecy-set-photos-198928/

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

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