Laerte Codonho, the Founder of Dolly Sodas

Laerte Codonho has faced harsh competition from competing brands over the years. Laerte is the founder of Dolly Sodas, a product that is well-consumed across Brazil. In the current corporate market, large companies are working to reign over small corporations. As for Laerte Codonho knows, in their efforts to become the best in their areas of production, large companies are making use of unfair methods of operation. Competition is necessary for any business to thrive, but when it comes to the use of partial methods for expansion, small business enterprises suffer. 

Individuals like Laerte Codonho have faced biased competition from firms manufacturing similar brands. For instance, Dolly sodas have been for a long time fighting with Coca Cola for popularity in the diet soda market. Though Laerte Codonho has had to overcome several failures in the past due to the unfair competition, he has managed to develop Dolly sodas to a global brand. Dolly Sodas started in 1987, as the original diet soda brand in the Brazilian market. 

Dolly sodas run its operations in Southeast Brazil. A few years after its launch to the market, the product was nationally recognized, bringing froth expansion of the firm. Its familiarity globally attracted competition from large firms that felt threatened. Dolly Sodas was the initial product to braze the Brazilian market, but currently, the firm is supplying a different product, Dolly Guarana (Facebook). 

Guarana sodas have been a part of the Brazilian market for decades. The guarana fruit is not only consumed in Brazil but also used in other countries for the production of energy drinks. The popularity of guarana sodas has led to Dolly becoming a part of the Brazil soft drink market. 

Codonho successfully built Dolly sodas through the use of his excellent business strategies. Laerte Codonho believes in, appropriate branding of the firm and its products to gain customers. The company has carried out branding campaigns to acknowledge the public of the high quality of the product. Though Dolly Sodas has had an excellent uprising story, it has continuously faced conflicts from Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho states that the company lowered the profits of Coca Cola as soon as it became universally recognized.

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