Laerte Codonho: How He is Combating Unfair Competition

Creating and operating a company is an ongoing enterprise. If you wish to be successful in running your business, start by learning from business magnates. Laerte Codonho founded Dolly, one of the largest soft drink manufacturer in Brazil. Pay attention to the way he built the business and fend off detractors from his company (Istoedinheiro). 

Initial company growth

Dolly was founded in 1987 as a small outset but currently holds the distinction of being the first to introduce diet soda in Brazil. The introduction of diet soda came with regulatory changes. The company grew in popularity regionally over the years and became a major soft drink manufacturer in 1990s with Dolly Guarana made from Guarana fruit leading in sales and popularity. Currently, Laerte Codonho and the company has a 10% market share in Brazil and the leading soft drink producer in southeast Brazil region. 


Successful companies pay attention to their brands. Dolly hit national attention because it had a good brand profile by creating quality products which consumer loved. Creating the first diet soda in Brazil, had direct implications on the market with most being curious to taste the new product. However, Brazil law prohibited any sale of diet soda because of health concerns basing findings on outdated information. 

To push forward with the diet soda release, Laerte Codonho funded an exhaustive research study on the diet that later came to shift Brazil’s beverage industry. Attention to quality is vital in branding. Dolly has laboratories and equipment that test product quality before sending to the market. Raw materials are rigorously tested and even packaging materials. 

Microbiology tests of the products are done to ensure safety and high taste standards. The rigorous testing is partly responsible for Dolly’s popularity in Brazil. 

Promotional initiatives 

Capitalizing on the quality of your creations needs serious marketing campaigns to create awareness of your products. Laerte Codonho used a mascot, like the popular Dollynho as a talking walking soda bottle. Dollynho captured the public imagination both in Brazil and abroad. Codonho used Dollynho for public appearances in schools to address students on important issues. 


As Dolly became increasingly more popular, it drained customers from prominent soft drink companies. Laerte Codonho saw his company face increased legal and regulatory hurdles that coincided with his success. The obstacles and suspicions became a hindrance to continued company operations. Laerte Codonho looked into the issues to determine the originating point which upon investigations pointed to a rival competitor Coca Cola. The actions Codonho took include filing lawsuits and media awareness. Running a successful company has far-reaching consequences and touch on quality control, finances, marketing, and more. Always monitor your competitors to know their effects on your brand. 

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