Karl Heideck : Litigation Specialist

Karl Heideck: Litigation SpecialistThe first and most important step when preparing for court is seeking legal counsel. Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over 10 years and specializes in litigation. He serves the Greater Philadelphia area with the utmost pride.

Karl Heideck obtained his Bachelors degree in 2003 from Swarthmore College located in Pennsylvania. He then made the decision to go to law school. In 2009, Heideck graduated with honors while obtaining his Juris Doctor degree from Temple University’s John Beasley School of Law also located in Pennsylvania.

What Does it All Mean?

If you have an upcoming court date, here are a few key terms you should familiarize yourself with:

Litigator– A litigator is a lawyer who specializes in taking legal action against people or institutions. Litigators are considered to be street-smart, intuitive, and well-educated. You should expect nothing less from the person you choose to represent you in court.

Litigation-Simply put, litigation is the act of going to court. Whether you are suing another party or you are being tried for a crime that you may (or may not) have committed, you will hear your case being referred to as this throughout the process.

Litigants-Litigants are the parties involved in your case. You may also hear these parties referred to as “plaintiffs” or “defendants”.

Why Choose Karl Heideck?

Contact Kar Heideck for help with civil litigationGoing to court can be an intimidating process. Researching, preparing, and finding the right lawyer to represent you are added stressors. This is where Karl Heideck comes in. He is familiar with both the inside and outside of the court room.

During Karl Hiedeck’s 10 years in practice he has gained much experience as a litigator. He also has experience with legal writing, legal research, and employment law. Should you choose Karl Heideck to represent you, he will do so to the best of his ability until the case is closed. He will also provide you:

  • Full investigation of your case
  • Witness interviews
  • Ongoing legal advice
  • Gathering of pertinent data
  • Pretrial representation
  • Settlement negotiations

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