Jeffrey Aronin’s Path to Cure Phil Gattone on His Epilepsy

Philip Gattone had a pretty good life, until one morning in April, when things took a different turn. At 4 am, he found his eldest Philip Jr. lying on the bedroom floor facing the ceiling. His skin was ashen, his mouth was blue, his eyes were twitching and wide open and this made Phillip Gattone and his wife experience the worst day of their lives. The first thing that the Gattone’s thought about was that their son was dead.


When the paramedics arrived, Gattone kept pestering them to tell them if his son was alive. At that point, their son was having seizures, and when the paramedics were in the hospital, Philip Jr. was placed in respiratory arrest.


On a daily basis, Philip Jr. Underwent several seizures that were not stopping and they lasted between 15 to 20 seconds. There are occasions when he could get into convulsions after losing consciousness. This made him relearn the cognitive capacity he had lost because of the seizures.


For years, they struggled with drugs, and after reconnecting with an epilepsy center based in Chicago, Phil underwent some surgeries that reconnected the right part of his brain. Phil recovered after some time, but that did not last for long.


A drug was soon discovered that was lauded to have a significant rate of success if it was combined with other therapy and medication. But the downside was that the drug was not available in the US. Since the drug was not FDA approved, the medication cover could not be covered by insurance companies. Each month, the Gattoneā€™s spent a lot of money trying to see how their son could get the drug.


This need is what drove Jeffrey Aronin to begin Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Jeffrey Aronin was courageous enough to take the FDA to places they had never been to change thousands of lives. Gattone and Aronin partnered up because Gattone saw someone who wanted to resolve the need so bad. After some time, Phil Jr. was cured, and he now leads a successful life as a computer engineer, a black belt holder, and an entrepreneur. Phil Jr. Is now married and he is taking up more adventurous expeditions like skydiving.


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