Jed McCaleb: The Innovative Founder Of Steller

Blockchain companies are the new face of the financial industry, and people like Jed McCaleb are at the forefront of the technological boom that the industry is currently experiencing. As the founder of the Stellar project and Mt. Gox Exchange, McCaleb has proven to be someone changing the face of cryptocurrencies and the manner in which they work.


Cryptocurrencies have always been something that McCaleb knew a lot about. This was an industry which he had started getting into in the beginning when it first started to make its way onto the internet. He learned the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies and knew that this was something that could change the course of the financial industry, and the monetized world in the process.


In a recent interview with Chronicle Week, McCaleb outlined how since the beginning, he knew that cryptocurrencies were something that would change the way payments were being made and would alter the financial companies that currently exist. He outlined how people were used to traditional modes of currencies like dollars and euros, and how they were used to a divide among currencies across different countries. However, with the growth of the internet and the breaking down of barriers, the need for a uniform currency that isn’t governed by a single nation is becoming more and more popular.


Currently, McCaleb serves as the founder of Steller, a platform that allows the creation of new tokens and blockchains. This has become one of the most popular blockchain platforms currently on the market and has grown to become an incredibly well-known name in the industry. McCaleb states that his reason for starting up Steller was the change needed within the financial sector, and the need to implement new structures within it.


The reason Steller has become such a popular name is that of the security that one gets when they are using the platform. Often, people who are investing into cryptocurrencies face the issue of getting illegal or fake currencies, which is something that Steller is looking to minimize. The platform might be a little more complicated than what regular cryptocurrency buyers are used to, but the additional layers of protection make the program a lot safer, and a lot better.


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