Jamie Garcia Dias Cements His Place In Brazil Literature

Jamie Garcia Dias is an accomplished author of Brazilian literature. He has written over 20 books and recently won the ABC Brazilian Literary Award. Garcia Diaz was born in Rio De Janiero and developed an interest in writing and literature at a very young age. His first book was published at the age of 15. His parents, who were both educators, encouraged him to hone his craft and continue to write. After graduating from the University of Rio de Janeiro, he received his degree in writing with the highest honors. He went on to teach teenagers the principles of writing and literature.

Garcia Dias continued to write and by the time he was 30, he had already published 10 more books. It as also during this time when he won Brazil’s highest writing award: The White Crane. Jamie has also written for Jornol de Brazil, and he recently offered a tribute to his father that chronicled stories from his childhood.

Garcia Dias is due to release a new memoir dedicated to his life and journey through the literary world. American fans may disappointed that his collections are in Spanish. His latest work has received favorable reviews from critics all over the world. He is currently traveling around the country at various book fairs and signings to meet fans and express his appreciation for their support.

At a recent speaking engagement that was featured on his Facebook page, Garcia Dias paid homage to one of the greatest Brazilian writers ever — Jorge Amado (1912-2001). He says Amado was always one of his favorite writers, and his works inspired him. Garcia Dias says he is still writing and plans to release future works in the next year or two. His students say he has given them a new appreciation for literature. “I was never interested in writing before, but now I am committed,” says a student.