IT Salvation with Drew Madden

The Maddening State of Affairs

Drew Madden is a seasoned executive in handling medically inclined information technology (IT), which is essential to a number of back-end operations for the conveyance of crucial information such as:

  • ┬áPatient records
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Prescription metrics
  • Sales history
  • Relevant medical conditions
  • On-site services for health insurance and the sales of essential goods

One of the problems that pharmaceutical companies such as CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen’s are facing today is that the retail aspect of their businesses is being tread on by newer and bigger players on the field. Amazon is the entity of concern, a monolith in their own right and a profound influence on the innovation of companies in countless industries at the moment. Thanks to their net-based sales platform in tandem with the cheapness and convenience of shipping goods by drone, the brick-and-mortar approach is becoming less tenable and more expensive with time.

As such, Amazon’s recent movement into the sales of pharmaceutical gear has medically inclined retailers concerned. Amazon is known to cast companies into the abyss with the sheer size of their operation, so naturally, their recent expansion into the medical side of the fence is causing CVS-like locations to travail for their traction in the market. The result is CVS’ recent talks of taking up Aetna, a major player in the health insurance field.

The far-reaching implications of such a movement could entail the sales and support of health insurance right inside CVS retail locations, which will give the expertly navigated health and wellness chain the means to fight Amazon from a corner of the arena that they can’t reach. As of right now, Amazon is nowhere near prepared to provide such services, and it doubles as a giant step into an all-in-one convenience store for CVS’ many offerings.

Of course, Drew Madden is still relevant to all this; in fact, he may be the most important trump card that CVS has if they decide to take Aetna under their wings. The increasing influence of the Internet on retail services in tandem with ongoing services like health insurance will require top-notch health care IT game faces on, and Madden can furnish CVS with the means of doing so. Don’t be surprised if you see the man himself mentioned more in the media going forward.

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