Isabel dos Santos: Leading by Example

Female empowerment has been going strong in the 21st century, and there’s one African woman who epitomizes the term female empowerment to the fullest. Isabel dos Santos, an Angolan businesswomen, is known today as Africa’s richest woman. Unlike some businessmen, Isabel dos Santos didn’t inherit her fortune.

This woman has truly worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. She has basically acquired her wealth by taking stakes in other companies that have conducted business in her homeland of Angola. The European Stock Exchange is where she works her magic, and this woman has held numerous high-profile positions throughout the years (Wikipedia).

Her father just so happens to be one of Angola’s former presidents. Jose Eduardo dos Santos ruled Angola between the years of 1979 – 2017. “My father raised me exactly like he raised my brothers,” said Isabel. Her father also wanted her to become an astronaut or a computer scientist thanks to her high levels of intelligence. Of course, Isabel dos Santos had other plans in her agenda, and these plans were to go on to help those who were in need. She was taught to hold her own in life, and this is exactly what she has done. The successful businesswoman is a profound speaker as she travels to various locations to spread her important message.

Communications is big business in the 21st century. Isabel is the head of UNITEL as well as an entrepreneur. This particular company just so happen to be Angola’s largest telecommunications company. She’s basically incorporating technological advancements into areas that lack these particular resources. In 2015, she was named “One of the 100 Most Influential Women in the World” by the BBC. She’s also known as Africa’s first female billionaire. Forbes has estimated Isabel dos Santos’ net worth at a whopping $2 billion.

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