Isabel Dos Santos Goes an Extra Mile to Empower African Women

Isabel Dos Santos is one successful entrepreneur with a big heart who has been listed by Forbes as the 7th richest woman in Africa with a net worth of about two billion US dollars. Having lived in England, her popularity has grown worldwide for her philanthropic efforts. Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of the longest serving Angolan former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Dos Santos attributes the success of Africa’s top entrepreneurs to the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit. However, the entrepreneurial spirit has almost been brought to its knees because of the stigmatization of women at the workplace. This has robbed the continent and better yet, the world best-in class investors. Isabel Dos Santos strives to rally for same education, potential growth and job opportunities as men for women. She is dedicated to the course of changing the norm and impart a national confidence in women.

Isabel Dos Santos believes in slow but steady growth otherwise coined as “First the seed, then the future”. The women’s economic freedom will be achieved through providing training, creating jobs, as well as breaking sexist stigmas and ultimately, women will be to achieve increased financial stability.

Growing up, Isabel Dos Santos attended Cobham Hall for her earlier education in England before proceeding to King’s College where she earned her electrical engineering degree. Today, Dos Santos’s philanthropy revolves around her interests and goals of promoting integrity and hard work. Isabel Dos believes that a single individual can make a big difference and therefore, she seeks for equality for everyone to be bring out the best in themselves.

She conversed with students at the University of Warwick and she was particularly attracted to a young woman who was eager to accomplish her ambitions. Isabel dos Santos seeks to empower the next generation of leaders throughout Angola and Africa at large. She told the young businesswoman that it is not enough to have goals, it is imperative to come up with a series of subgoals that will lead you to your goal. She often gives speeches in various platforms geared towards encouraging young entrepreneurs and business people to not relent in their efforts to succeed. She is particularly attracted to the notion of digitization and she believes there are many opportunities for women rising from technology and artificial intelligence.

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