InnovaCare Health Goes Back to Puerto Rico

The many natural disasters that struck the United States in the last few years have left much of the country in disarray. It’s overwhelmingly horrible thinking about all the hundreds of thousands without homes and essential supplies. While some organizations are helping, they can only do so much.

Most of the organizations stepping up to help are non-profits, and non-profits depend of donations to help people. When Puerto Rico was hit by the recent hurricane, it left nearly the entire island devastated. Business Wire reports that the hurricane caused almost as much damage as Hurricane Katrina, but Katrina survivors had more help to rebuild and thrive.

Puerto Rico, being an island, has been left to fend for itself by the U.S.’s current administration. Still, not everyone has given up hope of Puerto Rico becoming a great place again. InnovaCare Health is in Puerto Rico, helping the people rebuild their healthcare system.

According to Bloomberg, InnovaCare Health Plans, a subsidiary, is the number-one provider of managed care in Puerto Rico, so it only seems right that they step up and do more than their share. InnovaCare Health isn’t just trying to return Puerto Rico its former glory. They want Puerto Rico to have better medical care than it did before.

With the nation’s healthcare infrastructure in disarray, it’s possible to build something better than before. Dr. Richard Shinto, current CEO and President of InnovaCare Health Solutions, is the reason that InnovaCare became the number-one provider of healthcare in the first place.

His efforts to aide Puerto Rico started long before the hurricane hit. Now, in the aftermath, it’s more important than ever that people like Dr. Shinto continue their mission. Currently, Dr. Shinto is using all of his 20-plus years of experience in clinical studies and managed care to make Puerto Rico healthcare environment better than it was before.

Helping Dr. Shinto with his mission is Penelope Kokkinides, current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions. Originally, Kokkinides was COO but left InnovaCare to join another company. When that company was sold, she rejoined InnovaCare Health in 2015 and has been there ever since.

Like Dr. Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides has more than 20 years of experience; expect her expertise is dealing with government programs. She’s also adept at developing and managing clinical programs and health care processes.


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