Igor Cornelsen: Fifty Years Of Investment Banking

Igor Cornelsen has been working in the financial business world since 1970. A graduate of the Federal University of Parana, the Brazil native began his education in engineering. However, he quickly chose to change his major to economics. The decision would lead to him having a fruitful career for decades.

His first position as an investment banker was for Multibanco. Over the course of his tenure at Multibanco, he advanced to being an influential member of the board of directors for the company. Eventually, he took charge of Multibanco and performed admirably until the company was purchased by Bank of America.

Igor went on to be a top staff member of multiple other banks. In 1995, he had garnered the experience and funds necessary to start his own business. He became an investment manager and advisor.

Igor Cornelsen still manages his investment firm to this day. Having been born in 1947, he has now taken on a more relaxed work schedule, but he manages his company from his Florida home regardless. Through his education, Igor learned to solve complex equations in ways that set him apart from his competition. His math skills and free thinking are two of the traits that made him so successful in life. His long career has lasted for almost fifty years. In that time, his gifts have spread far beyond mathematics. He’s become a respected expert in the field of finance and many people turn to him for financial advice. He’s worked at some of the world’s most renowned banking companies and risen to the top of each of them. He successfully opened and built his own firm in the midst of the highly competitive investment field and took it new heights with his decades of knowledge. Now, his knowledge is used to help others make good financial decisions for their own businesses.

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