How Raffaela Riva Made a Name for Himself in Business

Investing is fun, but for Raffaela Riva, it’s his everything. It’s his business, and it’s his passion in life. Acting as an angel investor is his job, but he boasts an impressive portfolio and over the course of a decade he has managed to make a name for himself in the community of angel investors.

Utilizing two homes, London and New York, Raffaela Riva is able to enhance his career in numerous ways. His education has prepared him for his business, and as a British national, he has been able to attend some of the finest schools in the world.

Raffaela Riva earned his MBA from the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. It is the time spent here that he believes is what gave him a successful start to his business career. Earning several degrees, he was already highly regarded among his peers in the marketplace.

His very first start-up, a tech firm that he built a foundation with among some of his best colleagues. He was able to watch his business grow quickly as the result of his efforts, and he learned more about how to acquire the proper funding for startups.

The success and rapid growth of capital that Raffaela Riva saw with his own startup, led him to get a taste of the excitement of helping others by investing in their businesses as well. Once he made the decision to work primarily as an angel investor, he set his sights on learning all aspects of this industry.

His primary focus has been funding those companies that are in the early stages, as well as what we known as an incubation stage. He worked diligently for days and nights focused on accomplishing his goals. It was this feverish passion that has led him to be wildly successful in every venture that he has started.

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