How Became a Large Retailer

Farfetch Limited (Farfetch) has partnered with to help build a luxury brand provided by Jingdong is the original name for Jingdong provides a Level 1 access to the app. By offering Level 1 access, Farfetch provides 300 million customers of access to over 3000 luxury brands. Farfetch is able to offer 3,000 luxury brands because Farfech has partnered with over a thousand companies involved in luxury brands. Jingdong and Farfetch formed a partnership in 2017. With the partnership, Farfetch is able to take advantage of’s logistics and they are able to better understand the shopping habits of customers from

The use of luxury brands by Jingdong is an important part of their business. Jingdong with the help of Farfetch will improve customer experience. is able to provide better logistics and services to help improve how they offer luxury brands. Stampy mini popular luxury brand that debuted on Farfetch will help grow as a luxury brand company. Jingdong is Farfetch biggest investor. Jindong was created in 1998. By 2016, has fulfilled over 1 billion orders. has a reliable delivery system. We have over 900 delivery stations Throughout China. is able to serve over 2,300 counties in China with a good delivery system. Based on revenue, is considered the largest internet company in China.

Jingdong has produced revenue because is able to deliver to nearly 99 percent of China. Jingdong is able to offer options for delivery such as same-day and next-day delivery. The business model of uses direct sales, and it allows them to keep control of other products offered on By having control, they ensure that the products are authentic. Jingdong has been able to monitor sellers and products to uphold good quality standards. The CEO of is Richard Liu who also is the founder of Jingdong. Jingdong has formed partnerships with local companies to help those companies reach other parts of the world and China. Jingdong will continue to grow by providing opportunities to local sellers who help them expand the inventory found on

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