Highland Capital Management: Staying in Good Company

My family is from Jackson, Mississippi and we moved to Dallas, Texas when I was seven. My dad was a CPA and my mother was a homemaker. There were a lot of new opportunities in Dallas that my dad could use. About twice a year, we tried to get back to Jackson to visit all our family.

My brother and I loved when we visited our grandparents and Uncle George. He was my mom’s older brother. Mom said that she and Uncle George were practically inseparable as kids and people often thought that they were twins. Uncle George and Aunt Stella had a big two-story house on the outskirts of Jackson. My brother and I loved to see them and to play with our five cousins.

Of course, Uncle George and his family were sad when we moved to Dallas. He and Mom had always been close and had raised their families together. However, he knew that there were a lot of good opportunities in Dallas and it would be for the best. Also, we visited them in Jackson a couple times a year and they visited us in Dallas at least annually.

It was always a grand vacation when we went back to see Uncle George and his family. We always saw them waiting in the yard when we pulled into their little driveway. All of us children laughed and hugged one another as we ran to the back yard for an impromptu game of football. Later, Uncle George and Dad would grill hotdogs and hamburgers outside while Mom and Aunt Stella set out the side dishes. We laughed and talked under the twinkles of the lightening bugs. There is nothing like drinking cool lemon aid and having a good time with family.

Uncle George was a financial officer in one of Jackson’s big banks and he and Dad loved to talk about the stock market and the economy. He did a little investing for his family and was living comfortably. While they babbled about the benefits of different investing techniques, we children were roasting marshmallows and trying to catch toads that were out for an evening stroll. When we were visiting last year, Dad told Uncle George about the new position he had taken at Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital was co-founded twenty years ago in Dallas by a CPA named James Dondero. Dad said that the company manages over $20 billion dollars in global assets. As one of their newest financial analyst, Dad helps clients diversify their financial portfolios. Highland Capital manages government funds, high net-worth people, financial institutions, endowments, foundations, corporations and public pension plans. They also specialize in alternative investments, hedge funds, and credit strategies.

Dad is proud to be working for a solid, global company. Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highland Capital expanded its offices to New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. Next year, he is going to be doing some work in the Seoul office and can take us with him. Even though Uncle George and his family love Jackson, he admitted that moving to Dallas was tempting. A company like Highland Capital Management brings success to its employees as well as its clients.

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