Herbalife Nutrition Donates Protein Deluxe Bars to the American Red Cross

There comes a time when people are struck by disasters such as hurricanes. Such individuals usually rely on the relief offered by organizations such as the American Red Cross. Since blood is one of the commodities needed by the victims of various disasters, the organization has set up numerous blood donation centers all over the country. Companies such as Herbalife Nutrition have also partnered with the American Red Cross to offer some assistance to the relief victims. Although the contributions by Herbalife Nutrition are not in the form of money, the donation of protein deluxe bars comes in handy.

Since the American Red Cross has more than 120 blood donation centers throughout the country, Herbalife is set to donate over 280,000 protein deluxe bars. These protein bars will be evenly distributed to each of the blood donation centers. The partnership between Herbalife Nutrition and the American Red Cross has progressed smoothly for four years. Their partnership is set to progress for many more years since the American Red Cross is always dedicated to saving the lives of many relief victims. The humanitarian efforts by the American Red Cross have been very beneficial to the society, and that is why organizations such as Herbalife Nutrition are proud to partner with such entities.

After a person donates blood, they must always consume products that have a high nutritional value to ensure that they have regained their energy. To ensure that people donating blood can regain their energy fast, Herbalife has been donating the protein deluxe bars. These protein bars have a high nutrition value, which is why they are suitable for an individual who has just donated blood. The presence of vitamins such as B2 and B6 is also highly beneficial. Furthermore, if you do indulge in physically draining exercises, you should consume the Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars.

Apart from offering donations to the American Red Cross, Herbalife Nutrition has gone a step further by offering some of their offices for the blood donation exercises. If you are in Los Angeles, you can visit the Herbalife Nutrition offices where you can become a part of the blood donation exercise. Herbalife also has a mobile van that is used during the blood donation drives. The input offered by Herbalife Nutrition has saved approximately 25,000 lives annually. Besides, Herbalife Nutrition often encourages its employees, independent distributors, and client base to take part in the exercise whole-heartedly.



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