Heather Parry Becomes Part of “A Star is Born”

Heather Parry is a television and film producer who has made a huge impact on the entertainment world. Her resume includes working for some major names in both area. Her many years of work allowed her to be a part of one of the biggest movies of 2019, “A Star is Born.”

Heather Parry got her start by working for MTV in the early 1990’s. For nearly twelve years she worked in a number of positions for the company including West Coast Bureau Chief for MTV News. Parry was a co-producer for some major MTV Films including “Get Rich or Die Trying” and “The Longest Yard.” The Longest Yard allowed Parry to build a relationship with Adam Sandler. The result was a decade long working relationship with Happy Madison Productions. During this time Parry worked on films like “The House Bunny” and ” Just Go with It.”

In 2015 Parry started working with Live Nation, a company she is now president of. In just a short time Parry has already helped produce films like Diddy’s “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story,” and Lady Gaga’s Gaga: Five Foot Two. Parry has built a strong company with Live Nation. It is because of Live Nation’s success that Parry felt she could make a difference with the film “A Star is Born.” Parry contacted both Bradley Cooper and producer Bill Gerber to give them her pitch. She was confident that Live Nation had the assets that could take the film to the next level. Parry proved to be a good negotiator as Live Nation soon became part of one of the biggest films of 2019.

Parry Heather continues to look for opportunities to make her impact on the world of film. Still very young, Parry looks set to produce many more great films.

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