Handy Home Cleaning Services

Handy is a marketplace which handles the scheduling and the payments on both the demand and the supply of the home services cleaning industry. The brand has been growing fast over the years. It has raised twelve million dollars in a span of two rounds led by the Highland Capital Partners and the General Catalyst Partners. The sales have gone up by sixty percent each month for the past three months. The New York-based Company has over fifty employees and several thousands of freelancers who complete over ten thousand jobs in one month.

The Company operates in thirteen cities and is opening new offices in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago. In the month of January, Handy according to recode bought the west coast cleaning business for an undisclosed cost fewer than ten million dollars. With this company, the customers get convenience. The unreliable, sketchy and complicated world of the maid services and cleaning agencies is replaced with a website and a simple application. One is only required to enter the zip code and the rooms that need to be cleaned, the price and the exact time to start. If one likes the price, the card on file is charged. There are no more worries about being underpaid or overcharged.

The handy screens all the freelancers that are; references, in-person interviews and background checks. Of all the hundreds or thousands who have applied, three percent have been accepted. The Handy provides a cash back guarantee if the applicant does not like the covers replacement cost and the work. The handy company takes 20% cut for the troubles. The Handy Company also brings something rare; a flexible schedule and a dependable pay in order to run a two-sided marketplace. With the handy platform, the freelancers decide on how much money they will make and where they actually want to do their work. They also receive a good income.

The handy company started at Havard Business School in the year 2000 where Dua and Hanrahan met randomly as roommates. After graduating from Amherst College, Dua started a networking Company in India that helped the high school students with admissions to College. Hanrahan was the entrepreneur of the team. He graduated from Ireland Trinity University and the moved to Budapest in the year 2006. There he converted the unused space found in old buildings into a penthouse suite. Later he developed software that combed through the property records to find the buildings with the same convertible spaces.

While the Handy Company offers other services, the house cleaning is the main draw. Cleaning is an entry point; in fact the magical thing that happens on regular basis and the vision of the Company is not just to build a cleaning Company, but a brand that takes care of the home. Handy Company’s fully vetted employees provide a top-quality home cleaning services.

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