Gustavo Martinez Views on Trends is the Advertising World

Gustavo Martinez is synonymous with his contributions to the world of advertising. He is one of the people that redefined the meaning of quality advertising.

In more than three decades, he has not only made significant steps in the marketing world, but he also has paved the way for new professionals in the advertising world. Martinez believes that the world of marketing is now in its advanced stages and pushing products to unknown markets is not farfetched.

Many people associate him with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide mainly because he was part of the company’s management in the last three decades. He was also part of McCann Worldgroup — where he acted as the executive and more importantly, the company’s president.

In these two companies, he was also instrumental in mentorship programs. Most of the best advertising agents in the world were once his mentees and according to Gustavo Martinez; mentorship allowed him to redefine the future of advertising. A popular journal, in 2018, pointed out that Martinez is one of the best advertising professionals alive. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

One of the trends that he is passionate about is — the Internet of Things. He is a believer that this technology has a huge potential in changing the future of advertising and more importantly, ensuring that effective advertising is not farfetched. In the years Gustavo Martinez has been in the marketing world, he confesses that utilizing different technologies helped him in the following ways.

First, he admits that technology and other new techniques in the ads-world have assisted him to be productive and more importantly — assist companies in reaching more people at a reasonable budget. Second, technologies have assisted him in viewing the world of advertising from a different perspective and more significantly, understanding the importance of putting the client’s interest at the center stage of a gig.

As a businessperson, he is keen on understanding different markets and more importantly, ways of improving his chances in any business. In order to maximize his efforts on different business trends, Gustavo Martinez has worked with many professionals at different levels. Although he is an expert in marketing and advertising, he is always keen on including young people in his team.

His criteria of working with a professional — regardless of any department — is that the potential expert must have a passion and more importantly, they must have a better understanding of the specific niche. If Martinez is looking for a person to work in his marketing department, they must know what to expert in the marketing world.

Finally, Gustavo Martinez has one of the best views on charity and the reasons why people should give to charity. According to him, there is a thin line between charity and advertising. In an ideal world, every company is supposed to give back to their respective communities.

However, the process of giving should not be a PR exercise. He believes that any charity event should be out of goodwill, and not just for fulfilling a corporate obligation. In all the companies he has worked for, he has been keen on redefining charity approach and more importantly — redefining what to do and what to avoid while contributing to charity.

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