Gustavo Martinez talks about consulting and the future of marketing and advertising

Gustavo Martinez is one of the most notable marketing and advertising consultants and has spent more than 35 years in the sector. During his industrious career, he has been part of the most iconic firms in the sector, heading the creation of memorable ads that have turned to pop-culture touchstones.

At one time, Gustavo served as the CEO of J.Walter Thompson Worldwide, an industry-leading and one of the most legendary marketing firms globally. He was also McCann Worldgroup’s President and also worked at Olgilvy and Mather at the same position – the two firms are among the most venerable names in the expansive marketing sector.

Recently, Gustavo Martinez held an interview with where he discussed the current state of consulting and how it will influence the future of marketing and advertising.

The current state of consulting

In this interview with, Gustavo Martinez pointed out that consulting was now more critical than ever to marketing and advertising. With the digital evolution, consumer trends are changing so fast. This means that a company has to go out of its way to retain its market share and even grow it.

Due to these, most companies that are looking to succeed always sought the insight of an independent contractor, a consultant, who will provide them with strategic and operational advice.

Gustavo Martinez went ahead to point out that in this competitive market environment the single most important asset to any marketing firm or advertising agency is creativity. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

This top-notch marketing and advertising consultant mentioned that the sector is the polar opposite of other sectors in the business world as its success doesn’t abide by the same rules. Today more and more businesses across the board are embracing professional marketing consultants to help them reach their goals for this reason.

The future of marketing and advertising

According to Gustavo Martinez, the future of marketing and advertising is very promising. Technology is going to become a very intricate part of marketing and advertising soon.

This move will be fueled by the growth of the Internet of Things which soon will be more widespread. This industry-leading marketing and advertising consultant believes that soon, the Internet of Things will revolutionize the sector in a major way.

Gustavo Martinez added that a smart home appliance like a refrigerator could be a good place for companies that sell food supplies that need refrigeration to advertise.

A smart refrigerator can not only track your eating habits but also know when you are running low on supplies. Therefore, a food supplies company can conveniently advertise to you what you need to buy precisely when you need it. Gustavo insisted that the possibilities that the Internet of Things brings about are endless.

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