Greg Blatt Stumbled into Success

The qualities of a successful business man can vary from person to person, and even across different sectors. A successful individual in the food sector might not be as good in the law industry. Greg Blatt found himself unsure of where to go next after college. He could continue pursuing his current path or take some time off to rediscover himself (Everipedia). 

This period of rest allowed him to explore new sides of himself, and ultimately end up with one of the biggest positions of the modern technological age. Greg Blatt expands on this sequence of unlikely events in a recent online interview. As a fresh college graduate, Greg Blatt found himself in a similar crossroads as many of his peers. He returned home with the intent of discovering his place in the world. During this period, he worked on odd jobs and began self study. He focused on law and entertainment writing. There came a point when both of these hobbies began to merge together. 

He worked at a law firm where Martha Stewart was one of his primary clients. She was about to make the next leap forward for her career, and needed someone who could advise her at all times. Martha Stewart hired Greg as general counsel. This was the moment when Greg Blatt fully entered the entertainment industry. This jumped started his path up the corporate ladder. In a matter of years he moved to IAC where he did similar work, but for higher pay. Then be become CEO of the company, before moving on to Match Group and Tinder. 

Greg Blatt’s unique insight and perspective was being felt at every turn along the way. He wanted to develop new technology that would allow consumers to better connect with each other, while at the same time expand the user-base of the dating apps. He was doing his best to bring new ideas to the limelight.

Greg Blatt has an understanding of how consumers think, and thus this gives him an advantage for reaching that audience. While he may not have intended on becoming famous, his ideals established a new standard for the next generation.

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