Gino Pozzo Makes Watford His Top Priority

The Watford F.C. owner Gino Pozzo has spent the last few years working the club up to the Premier League and making sure the club maintains its position as a Premier League team. Maintaining the status of the club on the outskirts of London as a Premier League high flyer is vital because the Italian-born owner wants to make the highest level of profit possible. By moving the club into the Premier League, Gino Pozzo is determined to make the Watford club his top priority after selling his Spanish club, F.C. Grenada.

Throughout his career, Gino Pozzo has often moved his family to make sure he is ready for the challenges on offer when he buys a new club. Prior to buying the Spanish club, F.C. Grenada, Pozzo lived with his wife and children in the Spanish soccer capital of Barcelona to immerse himself in the culture. The same idea has been followed by Pozzo with the move to London where Watford is located and he feels he can have a major impact on the way the entire club is run on and off the field.

There is more to the decision to move to London than just the plan of immersing himself in the culture of his now adopted nati0n of England. Gino Pozzo has decided to move forward with the idea of building the Pozzo sporting empire around the success of Watford. Gino Pozzo believes the club can make a profit on a regular basis with the sale of players and success of each head coach adding to the aura of the club as a whole. In the past, the most important club for the Pozzo family has remained their first purchase of the family, Udinese. The Italian club remains an important part of the future for Gino Pozzo but the highest profits and most prestige is now attached to developing the Watford F.C. project.

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